Wooden Train Set- Best Toys for Growing Children and Toddler Kids

Wooden toy trains are special types of toy trains, which mainly run on specific wooden track system and with grooves for guiding wheels present in the rolling stock. In these types of toys, you will find tracks, trains and related accessories as comprised of wood, while cars and engines used mainly to connect one another are made with metallic hooks or various small sizes of magnets. Even few companies involved in wooden train set use plastic wheels mounted over various types of metallic axes.

wooden train set

Its general specifications and benefits for consumer

Parents looking to buy toy trains for their loving children will find few general specifications in the toy. These include

  • Gauge or Groove

Groves or gauges of wooden train tracks are mainly available with dimensions as 5mm wide, 3mm deep and 20mm of space in between them. The main benefit associated with this type of gauge is that it is helpful for beginners to learn the way of driving the train properly and controlling it.

  • Flipped Track Pieces

Track pieces available in the form of points and curves have grooves on their two different sizes to use from both directions. By simply flipping of the piece, an individual may choose to convert his or her left-hand curve or a point towards the right-hand curve.

  • Vario System

Whenever any player tries for documentation of a layout by using exact geometry, he or she within no time notices large numbers of layouts created with real track fail to work by the help of CAD system or any other track layout program. This is mainly because of the various system installed in the wooden train set that allows players to wiggling across it easily without any danger related to the derailing of trains.

Different Types of Products

Depending on the age and habits of children, parents should choose from any one of the types of wooden train tracks and sets, as mentioned here.

  • Garden Variety or G Scale

Garden variety or G scale trains are biggest ones available in the market based on their specific scale ranges. They serve as ideal options to place at outdoors or in gardens. Because of its relatively large features, parents and guardians should consider it as the best option for children.

  • Ho and O Scales

O and HO scales are available in a  few of the popular sizes and serve as right options in between several hobbyists.

  • N Scale and Z scale

N scale products are available in small and act as popular toy collections with large numbers of accessories and environments. In addition, you may consider this product as widely useful in between hobby train communities. On the other side, Z scale products are smallest possible size of scale available under a specific wooden train set.

  • Other Options Available

Excluding scales of varying ranges, individuals may choose between locomotive types of trains, freight trains and varying environments, which include woodlands, train stations and city precincts. Each of these collections provides a specific, detailed level and realism via creation as well as building of wooden train tracks and sets as much more fun and exciting.

Different Applications and Benefits to Children

Wooden train set collections possess huge value based on their long-term applications with the growth of children. These products are useful in the form of educational toys and specifically serve as best options for development of fine motor and gross skills of individuals, along with abilities to communicate properly.

Lets Kids to Explore Innovative Roles

Children usually love to play toy trains and wooden train set serves as a perfect toy for bringing them together. While playing with an ultimate railway set, children will get the opportunity to explore countless innovative roles, which include driver of the toy train, stationmaster to control the flow of various trains across platforms. On other side, two different children may take the in charge of announcing about the arrival or departure of trains and driver of the toy vehicle.

Easy Handing Tools for Pre-school Children and Toddlers

Toy of train tracks comprises of many interesting things, which make the product highly appropriate for pre-school children and toddlers. Firstly, these products are of non-motorized types and do not contain any mechanical item to cause damage or break and do not involve electricity or battery connection. Secondly, as the name implies, majority of components present in the toy are made by using wood, which is of highly robust as well as repairable material. Therefore, kids create new layout of railway tracks easily by using wooden track pieces and thereby, obtain their favorite structure with very little practice.


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