VIPERTEK VTS-989 Review, The Best Range Stun Gun

Welcome to our VIPERTEK VTS-989 Review, The Best Range Stun Gun.

WA huge range of stun guns is available on the market and it can be somewhat hard to find one that is just right. Ideally, the right stun gun should be able to put down the assailant no matter how bulky or tall the assailant is. Another quality to look for in a stun gun is that it should be able to pierce through the layers of clothing a potential assailant is wearing at the time of the assault attempt.

vipertek vts-989 review


Finally, the gun should have a sturdy and intuitive design, as well as an affordable price tag. Our VIPERTEK VTS-989 review looks at one of the best guns in this regard. The VTS-989 is one of those stun guns that bring together these qualities and then some. It is one of our favorite stun guns out there and packs a lot of excellent features which makes it a hands-down winner.

Here is the brief Vipertek VTS-989 review which glances at some of the most notable features offered in VIPERTEK VTS-989 gun.

Intuitive and durable design:

Most stun guns feature a rather flimsy design which comes undone within no time. This is certainly not the case with the VTS-989 stun gun.

The overall design of the gun features a special grip at the bottom and a non-slip rubber coating, letting you grasp the stun gun with great stability and firmness. The intuitive design ensures that you are able to carry and use this gun without too much hassle.

Snatch prevention shock plates:

Our Vipertek VTS-989 review looks at one of the most stand-out and brilliant features of this gun. It has two shock plates located on both sides towards the front of the gun. These are snatch-prevention plates.

If an assailant tries to snatch the gun from you, these plates on the sides will deliver a significant electric shock which will instantly stun the assailant. This is one of those exclusive features which are not offered by most other guns and makes VTS-989 an excellent choice if you truly wish to protect yourself.

High Penetration Spike Electrodes:

A quality stun gun’s electrodes should be sharp enough to pierce through the clothes worn by an assailant and reach the skin. Unless they reach the gun, the stun gun is useless. In our Vipertek VTS-989 review, we find that the gun stands up to this test as well. It has ultra-sharp spike electrodes.

This means that no matter what kind of clothes the assailant is wearing, the stun gun’s electrodes will be able to pierce through the clothes and reach the skin. In fact, even if the assailant is wearing a sweater and then a jacket on top of it, the electrodes will successfully pierce through and deliver the electric shock.

Rechargeable Battery:

The VTS-989 gun comes with a rechargeable battery. On a single charge, you can use the stun gun quite a few times before the battery runs out. Also, unlike most other stun guns, you don’t have to buy expensive additional batteries. Instead, you get a nifty charger with this stun gun which allows you recharge the gun at your convenience whenever you like.

Lifetime Warranty:

A key aspect of any good product’s review is to see if it has warranty, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. In our Vipertek VTS-989 review, we have considered this aspect as well.

VIPERTEK is so confident about the design, performance and durability of the VTS-989 gun that the company is offering lifetime warranty on it. This means that you can rest assured the gun is going to last you a long while without incurring any notable damage. It’s certainly a great investment in an excellent tool to help you protect yourself.

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