UN60KU6300 review

Samsung has been a renowned name in the world of electronics, and they have been competing with some of the leading brands in televisions, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. The UN60KU6300 is another notch in their belt for the Samsung team, for it definitely marks their foothold in the latest of the television models, the 4K landscape ones.

UN60KU6300 review

The new line of 4K TVs from Samsung is probably a late attempt by the electronics giant to join the race of the evolving scene of 4K landscape models in television.

Simple design

The Samsung UN60KU6300 comes with a very simple and yet an eye catchy design with a ‘Y’ base supporting the screen encased in a frame of gunmetal. The TV is held securely by the center pillar which ensures that the unit doesn’t pivot onto either side but is straight at all times. There has already been a similar TV in the same series from Samsung and this latest addition is very much similar to its earlier versions with a little variations and a slightly bigger screen size of 60 inches.

All the ports and the controls are found at the back of the TV, which includes couple of USB ports, 3 HDMI ports and couple of 3.5mm ports to use with video adapters and components included in the package, a port for Ethernet, an output port for audio and a connector for a cable. None of the control or ports is found at the bottom or the front of the TV, rather all of them are on the back at the right side, with the power button at the right most edge towards the end.

Preinstalled services

While the design might appear to be simpler, the TV does bring with it quite a few features that make it worth the price. It has Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Now and Netflix preinstalled along with TuneIn and Pandora for the music. You also have the weather through Accuweather and sports through NFL Sunday Ticket and MBL.tv. Of course, you have to subscribe to these channels or streamers to get connected. The TV can also be connected to play streaming games through Bluetooth gamepad and using Playstation Now and Game fly, but you will definitely need a steady connection on internet to play.

When it comes to performance, the TV does offer a much better and wider spectrum of colors compared to many other series of similar features. And yet it is not the ultimate model for the contrast is still mediocre comparatively.

While the Samsung KU6300 does have some impressive features, it also lacks on other components found commonly in 4K televisions. The model Samsung UN60KU6300 has an appealing design and brighter panels which are bound to catch your attention and is further supported by HDR (High Dynamic Range). Unfortunately though, the TV features medium contrast so they are not able to make use of the HDR to its fullest potential. This is despite the fact that the TV is able to process the signals through the HDR.

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