Turtle beach recon 50xreview

Turtle beach recon Headset 50x review

If you love gaming for long hours, then it is time to enhance your gaming experience with a much more refined audio on your Xbox one. The latest Turtle Beach gaming headset is all set to take your Xbox games to a completely new level. The Recon 50X, the latest addition to the innovative products from Turtle beach, offers you the ultimate comfort with high defined audio output and is quite lighter in weight, as is the case with other products from Turtle Beach.

Turtle beach recon 50xreview

The over the ear speakers are so well designed that you will hear every small sound perfectly and the controls are easily adjustable both for the mic and the volume. The mic is adjustable and can also be removed when you want to use the speakers purely for movies or music. The speakers are adaptable to not just Xbox but is also quite compatible with PS4, PC and Mac or with tablets and mobile phones.

Features of Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset – Xbox One

Among the throng of speakers in the market, the Turtle Beach Recon 50x definitely takes you higher for it offers better and highly defined features.

  • Clarity in chat: The removable and adjustable mic offers best output and input during online chats and gaming. The mic is highly sensitive and so are the speakers ensuring that you have a good and clear chat or game instructions. You can remove the mic when you are simply listening to music or watching movies for better comfort.
  • Compatibility: The Recon 50X gaming headset is highly versatile and compatible with Xbox one, PS4 consoles, PS4 Pro, Mac, mobile, tablets and even PC making it not just a mere gaming headset but a headset that can be used for multiple purposes. These include chat, listening to music and movies for a better sound experience.
  • Comfortable and light: The Recon 50X is designed to provide ultimate comfort to the user with full sized ear cushions making it easy to use for longer hours, be it gaming or watching movies. You can easily fold them together when you are not using for they are covered with synthetic leather and is quite lighter in weight too.
  • Quality and convenience: The 40mm speakers provide a very crisp and clear output and the controls are conveniently placed in line for easy adjustment through fingertips on both volume and mic.


As for the downside to this quality product, one might find that it is not quite good in filtering out bad noises if they are really loud but that is when you have really high bad noise in the background. This is a quite unlikely scenario and otherwise the speaker definitely does a good job in filtering out background noises.  You might need an adapter if your console doesn’t support the headphone.

When you are looking for real depth and maximum comfort for long gaming sessions, then the Recon 50X is definitely a good option. The fact that it can match with multiple consoles, makes it even more a viable option.

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