Tribord SUBEA Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review

Welcome to our Tribord SUBEA Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review.

When it comes to snorkeling, a good face mask with quality performance is critically essential. When you go diving into deeper waters, it is this face mask that is going to guard you nostrils and your mouth from getting in contact with the seawater or swallowing it by accident.

easybreath snorkeling mask review

A huge range of such snorkeling masks are available in the market from a variety of vendors. Among the really good ones is the Tribord SUBEA Easybreath mask. This Easybreathsnorking mask review is a brief outline of the reasons why this is so.

Easybreath snorkeling mask review

The Easybreath snorkeling mask comes with a wide range of quality features which makes it a great choice for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most notable features offered in this product.

180-degree field of vision:

Many snorkeling masks come with an obstructed field of vision, especially on the peripheries of your normal vision. This constricts the view and snorkeling is not a lot of fun wearing such a mask as you miss out on many great sights underwater.

An Easybreath snorkeling mask review reveals that this is not so in this case. This mask comes with a full 180-degree field of vision, allowing you to get unobstructed views of the sea during your snorkeling expeditions.

To top it, the manufacturer has designed the front window of the mask to give you plenty of space, letting you wear the mask with comfort and ease. The window has a sturdy shatterproof polycarbonate construction, making it very durable and safe.

Spacious interiors:

Any good snorkeling mask should offer plenty of space to allow easy and natural breathing. So in this Easybreath snorkeling mask review, we are going to talk about the spaciousness of the mask structure.

Thankfully, the Easybreath mask features an excellent design which comes with spacious interiors. This allows you to breathe freely and naturally while wearing this mask.

Anti-fogging breath ventilation:

A key problem many snorkelers experience is the fogging of the mask. This usually happens because of inadequate ventilation of the breaths from the mask. This has to be achieved through a good a balance where the mask remains absolutely waterproof while achieving sufficient breath ventilation to prevent fogging. In our Easybreath snorkeling mask review, we analyze this aspect of the mask as well.

The SUBEA Easybreath mask comes with a good balance of both features. The manufacturer has implemented a very well-designed and sophisticated ventilation concept which makes sure that the breaths do not fog over the mask window during underwater trips. This is particularly useful for snorkelers and divers who go to significant depths where temperatures are lower than the surface.

Better visibility:

Being visible underwater is important for a variety of reasons, including those related to safety. It is always advantageous to a snorkeler is his or her form is visible. The Easybreath snorkeling mask review reveals that it significantly aids in this area through its stand-out design. Featuring an orange snorkel, this mask is visible 4 times further away as compared to a more conventional mask.

Form-fitting design:

The right snorkel mask fits your face and head right, and is comfortable to wear. The Easybreath mask certainly lives up to this requirement.

The mask is available in a wide range of sizes. Moreover, the basic structure and design of the mask comes with a silicon face skirt as well as an elastic textile strap that can be easily adjusted. These features enable you to get an Easybreath mask size that will be an exact fit for your face and head.

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