Transmission shop near me

A car’s transmission is as important and complex as the engine of the vehicle. They are the ones that help you to shift gears, deliver the power efficiently, handle the ratio between speed and torque, and in simple words helping the vehicle to perform well. Given their complex in design and function, along with their constant function and use, they are easily worn out. Also some of us forget to check the fluid levels constantly which results in many transmission related issues.

Transmission shop near me

When do you have transmission issues?

Quite a few warning signs will intimate you that there is a transmission issue with your vehicle. The most common of the symptoms are,

  1. Transmission is shifting to neutral or slipping in between the gears
  2. Unusual noises even when in neutral like humming, clunking or grinding.
  3. Burnt smell of the fluid
  4. Clutch drags when you try to shift it.
  5. Not a smooth transition between gears.

Replacement, repair or rebuild of a transmission can probably be rated as the most expensive jobs in car maintenance. The cost of rebuild or replacement will cost almost the same if the damage is extensive. The cost of the repair will depend on,

  1. The car make and its model.
  2. Damage extent
  3. Whether the car is quite new and the parts are easily available.
  4. Manual or automatic transmission.
  5. Location of the shop and the location where you live.

If you are looking to find a transmission shop near you which is cost effective, then you have to first decide on what kind of repair you are looking at. Is it going to be just a simple repair or will it be a rebuild. If it is a rebuild, then you may want to compare it with the replacement cost and go with the most viable option for a longer term.

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