Swagbucks Review – is legit, safe or a Scam ?

Swag bucks Reviews Online

This popular online rewards program Swagbucks, have attracted many online savvy people over years. Started in 2005, it has a long history of giving cash and gift cards to millions of customers. Today we are going to see in this Swagbucks review if  is legit site or a scam survey site.

Top 5 get paid to take online surveys for money sites list:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Mypoints
  3. MySurvey
  4. Vindale Research
  5. Earning Station 

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Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Reviews  – Are they Legit?

Online world is no exceptional in having scam and fraudulent programs. People may immediately stamp it as scam because of its nature. But, Swagbucks review is fully legit and here are the few reason to prove this

  • You can join this site at free of cost as they don’t demand any initial payment.
  • You will be amazed to know that they have more than 2,000,000 Facebook fans.
  • The biggest scam watchdog site, BBB has given a A+ rating on Swagbucks reviews.

I am sure you would have got convinced by now, so why not create your own login to enjoy the rewards?

What is Swagbucks and how does it work ? 

Powered by Prodege LLC, it is a fastest growing online rewards program. Swag bucks is available in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia and India. As a first step, you need to sign up then start enjoying the privilege to access various opportunities to earn. Swagbucks give you points called SB after you accomplish each task. Let us discuss on few of the ways to earn cash or rewards.


is swagbucks legit

  • Taking up Surveys: The quickest way to earn to earn lots of SBs is through completing the surveys. The reward amount will vary according to few factors like, certain demographics earn more, length and value of survey etc. You can access their site in any of your comfortable mode like  iPhone or tablet or laptop to take up the surveys. They do give you more opportunities to fill a bunch of surveys and get paid for about 300 Sbs.
  • Shop through Swagbucks: You can click on the side banner and tap on your favourite store to make a purchase. They reward you with SBs for each dollar that you spend at their stores. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is happening since they get commission for referring customers from these store owners in turn share that referral fee with us.
  • Using Swagbucks search engine: Make their search engine as your default in  your browser or install their browser extension to achieve the most. Yup, powered by yahoo their search engine gives you the same results as yahoo search. If you are expecting this search engine to be as fast as google then it might not help you but it would definitely give you some extra SBs when you use it.
  • Watch videos:  Will I get paid for watching videos? Is the question that arises in your mind when I say “watch videos to earn some SBs”. True, there are lots of categories like entertainment, food, health, news, music, etc under which you can watch videos with the limitation of 150 per day.
  • Play games: Though you might not earn more in this but getting paid for playing games is double exciting, isn’t it?

Once you have earned considerable amount of SBs,then you can cash them out to either gift cards and other rewards or even opt for paypal transfer. Share this page if you are happy after reading here about swagbucks reviews and different ways to earn cash with it easily.

4 comments for “Swagbucks Review – is legit, safe or a Scam ?

  1. Xper

    I love Swagbucks! I earn about $80 a month with no effort, it’s addicting. I have bought so many gift cards for things such as dinners, groceries, partly paid for a new AC, tools, gifts for others and much more. This is not a scam, it just takes a little time to figure out. I follow your site here that posts lots of tips and info on hw to get quick bucks.

  2. Becca

    I love Swagbucks. I use it as my part time business to make bucks daily. I get paid monthly ith it.

  3. Mike

    I redeemed steam cards today with the Swagbucks money i earned.

    • rcdeals

      Nice to hear such success stories

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