How to Stop Heartburn Acid reflux – Home remedies

When you have a heartburn, you may not be able to enjoy the foods that you love most. This is because this health disorder causes irritation to your esophagus. Most of the time, this irritation is triggered by excessive amount of acid in your stomach. As a result of this irritation, you are most likely to suffer from a discomfort either below the bone of your breasts or in the upper part of your abdomen.For those who may not have noticed, even though the condition is referred to as heartburn, it does not actually affect the heart. As explained above, this condition affects your stomach instead. Nonetheless, the symptoms are often similar to those of a heart disease. Fortunately, however, as bad as it may sound, this condition can actually be cured. Speaking of which, here are some tips on how to stop heartburn.

How to Stop Heartburn

Consume Chewing Gums

As it turns out, chewing gums have plenty of benefits. First off, they are very effective in getting rid of what people often refer to as ‘garlic breath’. Yet, in addition to that, according to a study published on the Dental Research Journal, those who chew gums can get over their heartburn symptoms. However, it is of utmost importance for people to make sure that the gums they chew are free of sugar. Also, they need to chew the gum for at least half an hour after having their meal to successfully get over their heartburn, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD for short.

How to Stop Heartburn Acid reflux

By chewing gums, people have a better chance of recovering from their heartburn because they stimulate the flow rate of the salivary. When people chew gums, they also wash away any acids that may otherwise accumulate in their gut. With less acid, there is less chance of people suffering from heartburn.

Baking Soda – A Wife’s Tale

Some people may think that consuming baking soda to get over any particular disorders is nothing but a wife’s tale. Yet, as it turns out, baking soda can actually help people get over their GERD symptoms.

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is well capable of neutralizing people’s stomach acid. In this case, it is recommended that people mix either half or one teaspoonful of baking soda with some water (one glass is typically enough).

However, there is one thing that people will have to keep in mind regarding the use of baking soda. It contains a high concentration of salt and if consumed too often, it may lead to nausea and swelling.


Despite the few researches related to licorice, it is believed that this particular substance can heal heartburn. The thing about licorice is that it possesses natural healing properties for the stomach. Consuming licorice is a much better idea than consuming antacids because human stomach is supposed to be naturally acidic.

Unfortunately, however, if you consume too much licorice, you will suffer from pretty adverse side effects, such as high blood pressure. This is because licorice normally contains glycyrrhizic acid, which is quite dangerous. This is why it is recommended that people consume DGL licorice as it does not have the dangerous acid.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to beauty. Yet, as it turns out, aloe vera is even quite beneficial when it comes to getting over heartburn. This is because this substance has the ability to soothe inflammations, including stomach and esophagus inflammations. For the best results possible, GERD sufferers may want to consider consuming half a cup of aloe vera juice before meals. However, they had better go for aloe vera juice that has no laxative component left. The Aloe Vera Power is a good example here.

Slippery Elm

Last but not least, those who want to get over their heartburn or GERD symptoms, they can consider consuming slippery elm. Extracted from trees, this herb has the ability to thicken people’s mucous lining layer, a layer contained in the stomach. This, in turn, helps build a barrier in the stomach to protect itself against acid.

The best way to consume the slippery elm is to consume two tablespoonfuls of the elm each day, one before bed and another after consuming meals.

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