Best Electric Train Sets For Kids Brain Development

Significance Of Electric Train Sets For Brain Development

Toy trains play significant roles to boost both knowledge and skills of various pre-school and Kinder Garden children. Hence, being parents it is essential to devote their some amount of time to know about varying aspects of toy trains.

Best Electric Train Sets For Kids

Its general specifications and benefits for  consumers

Firstly, one should know about few general specifications about few popular electric train sets for kids available in the market, which include

5 Gauge

5 Gauge models of toy trains are available with dimensions of 4.72 inches or 120mm in size. They are suitable for relatively big children or for experienced players.

4 and 3 Gauge

These are somewhat smaller as compared to the previous one, as 4 Gauge models are available with 2.95 inches size or 75mm. On the other side, Gauge number 3 comes to players with size as 67 mm or as 2.64 inches.

2 and 1 Gauges

Other two specifications of toy trains will include Number 2 and Number 1 Gauges, which are available in further small dimensions to become perfect option for pre-school children.

Number 0 Gauge

Number 0 Gauge serves as the right product for novices of this exclusive toy train product.

Here gauge implies to the actual width of train tracks possessing standard width or set scales.

Different Types Available 

Until now, companies have supplied wide range of polar express train set products for growing children. These are

  • G scale or garden varieties of trains are available with highest possible scale range and serving as ideal options to operate in outdoor areas of gardens. Because of its huge features, one can consider it as great toy for children.
  • Secondly, O scale of toy products is available in the market under a popular brand named as Lionel brand.
  • After this, one will be able to find right choice for hobbyists in the form of HO scale.
  • In addition, you will find two more collections as N scale and Z scale, which are very small as compared to other categories explained here.

Different Uses and Benefits 

Electric train set toys are of very much beneficial for children and for newbie of railway operating sectors. These are

Consistent Brain Development of Kids

Today, children mainly require involvement in some productive activities, which lead to development of their brains. Based on this, if parents give toy trains to their kids, they would get the opportunity to play varying roles like stationmaster, train driver, guard and others and thereby, learn important lessons of life like accomplishment of tasks, teamwork and many more.

Helpful for Fresher Involved in Train Driving Activities

Professionals associated with the railway industry require expertise in handling trains, controlling its gears and other important parts; manage passengers and other members associated with the railway sector and lots more. Positive thing in this case is that fresher candidates can learn almost everything by operating electric train set.

What are the factors to consider before buying? 

Individuals seeking to buy toy trains should definitely consider two important things prior to final acquisition of the product. These are

Age Factor

Electric train set products are of good game-play options for all children who belong to the age group between eight years and eleven years. The reason for this is that such kids are able to deal with slight motorization involved in the toy product and operate it smoothly without any damage.

Interest and Maturity Level

Excluding age group, selection of train sets operating with electricity is solely dependent on the level of interest a particular child shows towards the toy and his or her maturity level to handle the train set in safe and secured way.

Average Cost

Parents and guardians are required to set up a specific budget for the new polar express train set, especially of its railroad. Here, you may choose to spend as less as possible based on your own choice. However, stumbling in a hobby store and acquiring of pieces and bits in haphazard manner would obviously lead to huge expenses and that too within fastest possible duration.

Hence, in this case, it is essential for parents to focus on easy and popular things, which your kids could remember easily, like railroads with names as Santa Fe, Union Pacific and similar others.

Who Can Use Train Sets

Based on various aspects related to the toy train or electric train, individuals should definitely consider it as useful for kids’ brain development and intelligence as well as for new members of railway industry to avail of right guidance.
Alternatives if available 

Children or small kids, who are incompetent to handle electric train sets, may go for another alternative available in the market as wooden toy train.

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