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Segway miniPRO, the Future of Hoverboarding

This Segway miniPRO review is meant to show you the advantages of a Segway miniPRO. The Segway scooter is one of the coolest gadgets available on the market. While some people prefer to call it a Segway PT or personal transporter, for others it remains the scooter. Have a look over this Segway miniPRO review and see how a Segway can help you go from one place to another without any stress.

 Best Hoverboard

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A Brief History on the Segway

What would a Segway miniPRO review be without a short history on the product? It looks like this self-balancing scooter was invented by Dean Kamen in 2002. He invented it after years of research and development trying to invent something that would be a contribution to the society. His main goal was to develop a two wheel stand up electric scooter. And he did it.

The Benefits of Wheeling a Segway

  • This Segway miniPRO review is also meant to inform you about the benefits of a hoverboard. One of these benefits is that the Segway scooter is small and lightweight. Another great thing about this gadget is that is especially designed to be long lasting. It is estimated that this kind of scooter is going to last you about 10 years. This means you will definitely recuperate your investment during this time.
  • Another benefit of a Segway miniPRO scooter is that it can take you places where cars or other types of vehicles can’t get. For example, you could use the Segway scooter to go inside airports stores, elevators, office buildings and so on. You could take the Segway places where your bicycle can’t get to. The hoverboardis available with an excellent system for balance control, meaning the scooter will stay upright by itself.
  • You can use it anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you have to use the scooter, whether business or personal use, the Segway is has gained popularity amongst dedicated customers. One of the most interesting features of Segways is that is such an innovative and ingenious product. You will find nothing similar on the market. You can read another Segway miniPRO review. It will tell you the same thing: this self balancing scooter is meant to work anywhere people walk, no matter if it’s outdoor or indoor. For the indoor operation, Michelin created a special tire. This tire is non-marking. You can operate the Segway miniPRO on any kind of weather.
  • It’s a great gadget for when you need something to walk you in the city. This Segway miniPRO review is meant to show you the advantages of such a gadget. And that’s exactly what it will do. Another benefit of the Segway scooter is that you can take it anywhere around the city. You wouldn’t want to use a Segway miniPRO for long distances, like in-between cities or something, but you will definitely would want to take it for short distances in the city. They are a great choice for crowded cities. It can go as much as 38 km with a single battery charge.

How Does The Segway MiniPRO Function?

This gadget is the next evolutionary level of two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporters. In other words, it is the future. Segway together with Ninebot combined their forces to create stronger hardware, safer features and more intelligent software. This Segway’s precision sensors automatically react to the rider’s movements, maintaining stability on all kind of terrains, indoor or outdoor. There is also a knee control bar that provides great steering precision and enables you to handle it more effectively than when on the two-wheel hover boards. This Segway miniPRO review will show you more about how the Segway miniPRO functions.

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The First to Be Certified

This is the first personal transporter to become UL 2272 Certified for the highest standards of electrical and fire safety requirements. It is the first Segway to integrate the Ninebot and Segway phone app that gives you access to many premium features and function. With this app, you can remote control the Segway without being on it. You can customize the lights on the machine, view the dashboard performance and even enable the tamper-proof security alarm.

Embrace the Evolution of Best Hoverboards

There are different electric two-wheelers available on the market who claim to be Segway. However, they can’t match the high quality standards maintained by the Segway brand. This Segway miniPRO review talked about the patents, the engineering designing and the top-tier technology Segway uses in order to create their hoverboard. The miniPRO offers an unique riding experience, no matter where you may be taking your self balancing scooter. With the miniPRO you can:

  • Learn how to ride in a few minutes
  • Connect your phone through Bluetooth
  • Customize the lights on your hoverboard
  • Activate the road adaptive engineering

The miniPRO is made from a durable magnesium alloy frame. It is lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic.

Features on the Segway MiniPRO

  • The pneumatic tires

The Segway’s tires are large and filled with air. They are great for both indoor and outdoor terrains. They are especially designed to resist as well as absorb shocks. They are much better than the solid tires on hoverboards. You will at all times be stable as well as safe when on the road.

  • The steering knee bar

With the miniPRO knee control bar you will be able to more easily and more precisely maneuver. This is much easier than with other hoverboards or scooters. The knee control bar height can be adjusted so that any individual can ride the scooter.

  • Customizable LED lights

It doesn’t matter if its day or night, the miniPRO will provide superior visibility. Automatic headlights will make you visible to others. You can choose from more than 16 million taillight color variations.

  • App control

Use the app control to adjust lights, unlock the riding tutorial or modify safety features. In other words, operate the Segway from a distance.

  • Anti-theft

Use the app to lock the Segway miniPRO with a tamper-proof anti-theft alarm. You will be warned on your phone if someone tries to move your scooter.

This Segway miniPRO review has presented you all the feature and benefits of this hoverboard. Now it is up to you if you are going to buy it or not.

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