Provillus hair loss treatment Review

Hair loss is the biggest concern for each and every one of us. If it is few strands then it we can pacify our self telling that it is cyclical process of scalp to renew for new hair. But, think of a situation when too much of hair falls each day without getting replaced with new ones. That is a scary and alarming situation leading to baldness. Isn’t it?

Hair loss can happen due to many factors but ultimately it takes you to a low self esteem path, Both men and women are victim for this, and in fact it is pretty hard to accept by women as they claim their lustrous hair as a biggest asset.

Provillus hair loss treatment Review

“Leave all your panics and search for a remedy” is the sentence that should come to your mind when yous tart experiencing hair loss. Enough sleep, proper nutrition intake and managing stress would definitely improve the situation. Last but not least is the assured solution the addresses your hair loss is “Provillus hair loss treatment”.

Know more about Provillus:

A wonderful formula designed with correct vitamin and minerals placing inside which works as a miracle to address the hair loss issue. This natural regrowth formula is available for both men and women. The package has two separate pieces, the topical solution to apply on affected area of scalp and capsules to be taken orally to support natural regrowth of your hair.

What are the outcomes of Provillus hair loss treatment?

When you use this product, that is both the oral solution and supplement together, it is claimed that you can start experiencing these positive outcomes

  • Boosts overall hair growth on your scalp
  • Makes each strand of your hair appear thicker.
  • Each hair root gets its nourishment from Provillus.
  • The biggest enemy for hair is the chemical DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which leads to hair loss. Provillus blocks the circulation of this chemical in your body.

What is exactly packed inside this Provillus?

The topical solution of  Provillus contains Minoxidil compound. “What is this  Minoxidil compound?” would be the question that arises in your mind immediately.  Minoxidil compound, is a FDA approved ingredient to prevent hair loss also to stimulate regrowth.  This percentage of Minoxidil varies for men and women,  Provillus for men is made of 5%  Minoxidil compound where as women  is made of 2%  Minoxidil compound.

Coming to the supplement, it consists of Vitamin B6, the most essential nutrient to promote healthy hair. The other natural nutrients included in the supplement of   Provillus is biotin, zinc and  saw palmetto. Gotu kola and eleuthero root  are the important herbs that stimulate hair growth which are not missed to be included in this.

Are there any side effects that you need to know?

Before getting into any treatment, you would definitely love to learn whether that treatment gives any side effect for you. Dry and itchy scalp is one of the side effect that might be noticed. Not all, but few might experience allergic reactions while using the topical solution because of propylene glycol present in this solution. But, one could see that this treatment is giving out mostly positive signs than any side effects.

When can you start seeing positive results?

This is the most concerning and important question that needs to be answered for those who are ready to use this treatment. After you start with the treatment, there might be minor shedding or initial hair loss but  when you continue this treatment you can see the visible results.  It might take around 2 months or even few weeks to notice the positive signs. In rare cases, it has taken a long duration of even one year to see a strong result.

Every product has its benefits and its drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of Provillus hair loss treatment for your easy reference.


  • Expect to crunch you wallet less as this Provillus hair loss treatment is much cheaper to Hair transplant or any other surgical methods of hair re growth.
  • Never demands a professional knowledge to use this product. This Provillus hair loss treatment asks you to take up an easy and simple procedure that can be followed by normal person without any issue.
  • This product is “Provillus “ is easily accessible.
  • You can use it separately or even as a combination with other hair loss solutions to boost your hair growth
  • Definitely, you can expect a guaranteed results. Yes, it works.


  • Expect your patience level to be tested before you notice the changes. It might take some time for visible positive changes.
  • There are few reviews telling that the product not meeting their expectations.
  • If you are planning for a long term use, then it might be costly.

Where can you buy Provillus?

Provillus is not available in store, all you have to do is tap on their official website to add  Provillus to your shopping cart. In fact, there are number of special advantages available when you buy form their official website.

Final Words about  Provillus:

If you have a look reviews of people who have already used this Provillus hair loss treatment , the over all review is positive. They have seen growth of their hair and it is definitely not a scam. Remember that Provillus hair loss treatment is not magic to work instantaneously, you need to wait patiently to see the results which again varies from person to person. You can definitely give it a try to see if it works for you as it is relatively cheaper to other high priced surgical methods.

Instead of sitting and watching your hairs slowly leaving you and seeing the bald patches one fine day would definitely be the one which you really don’t want to experience.  Provillus claims that they have a powerful formula that can stimulate new hairs and stop the falling of existing hairs, which finally can helps you to achieve that “feel good feeling”.

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