Polk audio psw505 review

Polk Audio, with headquarters in Baltimore was founded in 1972 and ever since has invented unique designs in loudspeakers and earned more than 40 patents for the innovation in technology. With the ever increasing consumer demand to have quality and unbeatable bass, the Polk Audio has come up with variety of subwoofers for home theatres. Their subwoofers come with improved design featuring slot porting, digital BASH, larger enclosures and higher excursion drivers. The subwoofer line has come up with variety of innovative products with PSW1000 being the largest of the lot and the second in line is the PSW505.

Polk audio psw505 review

If you have a really big room, then making your music more exciting is only possible if you have a bigger and a better sub-woofer like that of a PSW505. It gives you all the subtlety you would need from a plucked string while ensuring that you get the power of an amplifier all the way. With a finish in vinyl, and a silver faceplate, the PSW505 is bound to reflect on aesthetics when placed in any room. This is definitely a best accompaniment to make your movie night or a musical time out more powerful and more exciting. Let us review this product in detail now.

Polk Audio PSW505

With a finish and fit that is bound to awe you, the PSW505 is not just an attractive subwoofer but is also quite good in producing the best bass and sound pressure whether you are watching a movie, playing a game or listening to some rock n roll. Whatever be your system, home theatre or audio system, your sound experience will definitely take a thrilling turn now. The PSW505 is quite versatile while handling the subtlest of the music, on the background, producing sound effects with finesse. Professionally graded materials in the making ensure that the subwoofer lasts for a longer period while the innovative design ensures a minimal disturbance with the output.


  • Doesn’t require you to be highly technical to set it up. You can just plug it in and enjoy music or games or movies.
  • Comes with a magnetic shield enclosure so that you can place it safely next to any system, TV or laptop.
  • The amplifier turns on automatically when it senses the signal and turns off if there is no signal for more than 15 minutes.
  • Sturdy construction to provide a resonance that is free of distortion and is accurate at its best.
  • The subwoofer is designed to provide you a precise and a tight response so that you can enjoy your music without any disturbance.


  • The biggest drawback reported for this subwoofer from Polk Audio is that the piece received is not as it promised to be. It would be better to check your package before signing off and order only from a reputed retailer.

If you are looking for some brutal output to rock a mid-size room, then the PSW505 is definitely your gateway to respectable sound experience. If bigger output is required, you can always go for the PSW1000.

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