Pokemon Go Smart Plus Review


Well, with the release of the Pokémon Go, everyone on this planet is asking about what it is? Want to know what the Pokémon Go is? What is the actual story behind Pokémon Go and Pokémon Go Smart Plus? If yes, then you need to read on.

Pokemon Go Plus Review

No doubt, after Super Mario, Pokémon is the second greatest invention of Nintendo, the Japanese Franchise. The history of Pokémon begins 16 years ago, when Pokémon Series of cartoons started to flash on the TV screens. I still remember we used to watch those cartoons with the great interest. With the passing time, Pokémon got ignored by the people and now after when the Pokémon cartoon is 16 years old, the application version of its game is introduced, that is so called now as Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is actually, a free- to- play game that is manufactured by Niantic for iOS and Android phones. The game, Pokémon Go allows the users to catch, play and to train those virtual creatures, Pokémon as they are in the real screen.

Pokémon Go – The Real Experience of Pokémon Trainer:

Pokémon Go is the game that allows you to experience the real and the virtual world of Pokémon on your smartphone’s screen. The game is manufactured in such a way that gives you the full- fledged experience of encountering and catching a Pokémon in real. This game is developed on the principle of augmented reality and the players can use the real locations to search and find a real squad of Pokémon. As you explore your surroundings, this game allows you to catch hundreds of species of Pokémon so that you can make a full group of well- trained Pokémon.

Moreover, the game is enriched with the number of tweaks and twists that makes this game much more interesting. The map that Pokémon Go shows also includes PokeStops and Pokémon Gyms. The PokeStops provides the players with the items that attract wild Pokémon towards their locations such as eggs, PokeBalls and potions. While at the same time, Pokémon gyms serves as the locations for team- based Pokémon matches.

Besides this, you can tackle a wide variety of the challenges and battles in finding your way to Pokémon. By completing these challenges, you will be able to unlock achievement medals that will appear in your profile.

Pokémon Go Smart Plus –Give Your Smartphone a Break:

Now after knowing about Pokémon Go, you must be wondering that what actually, Pokémon Go Plus is? Pokémon Go Plus is actually an add- on peripheral that interacts with Pokémon Go. This device is getting popularity even before its release all across the world because of too much popularity of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Plus is actually a device that works great with the combination of Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go Plus device makes use of the Bluetooth that connects your smartphone to give you the information of the nearby Pokémon. This device of Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable that you can clip it your lapel or wear like a bracelet that allows you to stay connected to your game when you are not at your Pokémon Go game.

What does Pokémon Go Smart Plus Do?

The Pokémon Go Plus, as mentioned, is a device that lets you to get the alerts of the Pokémon that is nearby. Besides providing you with a Pokémon, the plus lets you know when you are near a PokeStop or Pokémon gym. This device will vibrate when you are near a Pokémon in a real world.

The Working of a Pokémon Go Plus:

The enjoyment of the Pokémon Go do not ends when you leave your mobile. You can enjoy it even when you are off your phone with Pokémon Go Plus. Pokémon Go Plus is a small Bluetooth device that is made just like the emblem on the PokeBalls and lets you to enjoy Pokémon Go while you are on your move and are off from your mobile screen.

This device is very easy to use. The built-in Bluetooth system of the Pokémon Go Plus allows it to easily connect to your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth and notifies you when you are near a Pokémon.

This Pokémon Go Plus device will begin to blink and vibrate whenever you are within the range of your Pokémon and PokeStop. The only thing that you need to do after seeing the vibrating and blinking light on Pokémon Go Plus is to press the Pokémon Go Plus button on the device to search for the PokeStop items. In case of finding any items, you can tap or swipe on the device to add that item in your inventory.

In case of any Pokémon near you, the Pokémon Go Plus device will react just like when PokeStop is near you. It will vibrate and flash light at the same time to notify you. when you are near your Pokémon, you need to press the button on the Pokémon Go Plus device to throw a PokeBall. If you have already caught a Pokémon before, only then you will be able to throw a PokeBall using a Pokémon Go Plus.

The device of the Pokémon Go Plus will flash and vibrate in the same way if you get succeeded in catching a Pokémon.

The launch of Pokémon Go Plus is somewhat decided to take in late July. Look forward to its launch to catch your real time Pokémon when you are not even looking at your smartphone.


With the increased technology, more and more people are turning towards the games and applications that provide them with the real- time fun and non- stop entertainment. Pokémon Go is one of the latest forms of this fun and enjoyment that is suggested to be mentally and physically useful for the players, according to the studies. And when it comes to the accessories regarding this game, nothing can beat Pokémon Go Plus. Pokémon Go Plus is really a helpful and handy device that can help the players to catch Pokémon even when they are not looking at their mobile screens. Wait for Pokémon Go Plus to launch and until then play Pokémon Go!


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