Pipe and Drape with coupon

Are you looking for a photo booth with a cascading look all around? Or are you just looking to enhance the look of a place with a background to compliment it? Or are you just looking to have a divider to keep the places segregated for various purposes, like in an exhibition? Whatever be the cause, you can easily achieve your goal with the help of a beautiful pipe and drape option.

Pipe and Drape with coupon

Pipe and Drape

The pipe is generally a steel or aluminum vertical pole that supports a frame where the panels for the drape can be easily fixed or removed as required. The Pipe and Drape is most used in exhibitions where you want to surround and provide a booth space to every stall. This will help add color to the surrounding while providing a creative booth space.

Why should you use them?

 You can create a canopy or a background enhancing the party hall when you are having guests. Here are some ideas on how to use them creatively to give your place that extra elegance.

  1. Accentuating swags: With drape swags, you are getting a better accent and a richer looking background, whether it is your living room or a simple tent in the garden.
  2. Layering effect: Lay down a heavy fabric on special pipes, to create the layered effect you have always wanted to add more depth to your room.
  3. Create columns: They can be placed as a free standing column divider to give more space to the place and to add to the décor.
  4. Curvy effect: Use the drapes to make an entry place in your party hall or to create a curved display for your catering table.

Want your event to look beautiful and elegant? Then Pipe and Drape is probably your ultimate solution. However, if you are looking for something permanent, then this may not be for you.

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