Pinecone research review

Considered as one of the best survey companies, the Pinecone research is operated and owned by the Nielsen Company, a trustworthy company in the industry. With headquarters in New York, the company is focused on providing clear survey on products based on research and data collected across multiple countries. Given that Nielsen is an established name in Market research it is not surprising to see the Pinecone research being graded at A+ by the BBB. It is definitely a legitimate company and you need not be worried about getting scammed. Let us delve deeper to see what it entails and if it really helps you to earn as it claims.

Type of surveys

Pinecone research review

There are different types of surveys that one can participate in, the details of which are emailed to the registered members of the company. Normally a survey wouldn’t take you more than 15 or 20 minutes. Apart from surveys, there are also questionnaires that the company sends out to the members which will not take beyond 5 minutes to complete. These questionnaires are not mandatory and don’t actually involve any monetary compensation but they do make a lot of difference in their final output.

How to join the team?

In order for you to join this survey panel, someone has to first invite you, i.e. you need a referral or an invitation from existing members to join in this website. Sometimes the website also posts joining links n other websites through which you can join them.

Other features of Pinecone

  • Invitation only membership
  • Predominantly covers countries UK, Canada and US.
  • More emphasis on consumption based surveys.
  • You have to be a minimum 18 years of age to be part of the panel.
  • Unlike earlier, the rewards are now deposited as points, which have to be redeemed by the member later.

Rate of surveys

When you compare with other survey panels, the rate per survey is pretty decent with Pinecone research. However, the number of surveys that get emailed to you may not be as many as other survey panels in the industry. This is because they send you surveys based on your demographic details. There is no need for you to fill out any profiler survey to check if you qualify for a survey but you would rather get one that you are already qualified for based on your demographics.

Payouts at Pinecone

The payouts start typically at $3 per survey and will gradually increase to $5 depending on how long you have been with the company and how good you have been with your surveys. The payments are always processed at the maximum within 48 hours and you can withdraw either through a check or through Paypal. You can also redeem through gift cards like Walmart, iTunes, Starbucks, etc. or get an e-card from Amazon against your payment.  The payment is credited to your account in the Pinecone as points with 100 points equaling to $1.

The website also features a quicker turnaround in answering any queries that you raise and are quite efficient in doing so.

Testing and contests

Apart from surveys, the Pinecone research also sends you

  • Product testing: In this segment you are given free samples of new products for you to try and fill up a survey based on your experience. Given that those who are involved in product testing have to be quite careful in their information sharing, the company is very secure in ensuring that the members are carefully selected and their details are kept safe and secure.
  • Contests: There are contests conducted by the company to the members bi-weekly, which can help you earn as high as $500. So as you move up the scale and earn more with surveys, you also get chances to win through these contests and increase your earnings considerably.
  • Sweepstakes: These are conducted every quarter and can earn as much as $4500 every quarter. This is a lucky draw and website will publish your name, state, etc. in the site if you are the winner.

Let us now look into the pros and cons of using this product.


  1. Legitimate survey panel with a legitimate research team backing you.
  2. A decent pay for every survey completed and there is a possible pay rise the longer you stay.
  3. The membership is absolutely free of cost.
  4. Contests and sweepstakes to increase your earnings.
  5. Multiple options for payouts including cash payout available.
  6. Payments are made on time and efficiently.
  7. There is no minimum rate for redemption.
  8. There is an option to suspend your surveys for a few days if you will be unavailable.
  9. No worries on the server crashing in the middle of a survey as the website always saves you answers saving you from redoing it again.
  10. There is absolute confidentiality with regards to the information you provide them with.
  11. Consistently rated high and positive by the many users.


  1. There is no app that you can download on mobile and use on the go.
  2. It is an exclusive membership and not everyone can join.
  3. Number of surveys is less but it also avoids the chances of disqualification.
  4. Website interface has to be updated with the latest technology.


Pinecone research is undoubtedly a very safe and legitimate survey panel and the pay is quite high as well. The drawbacks are very minimal and are not actually a show stopper. It is a company that you would want to be part of and with the contests and sweepstakes there is a lot of appeal. When it is about quality survey panel, no other can beat the kind of benefits that Pinecone manages to provide. The quick payouts with multiple options for withdrawal, the smart system which only gives you the survey that you are qualified for, saves you from any kind of hassle. Of course, the amount of surveys might be lower, but you can always do other survey panels in tandem to increase your earnings.

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