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Pickleball is a fun game to play indoors as well as outdoors. Unlike many other games, pickleball doesn’t require a lot of equipment. The key essentials of a pickleball game include paddles, a net and a perforated polymer ball.

Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Paddles are the most important part of the pickleball equipment. They are used to hit the ball repeatedly, so they have to be durable and strong enough. If the paddles are of a poor quality, they will break up sooner or at the very least, perform poorly in the game.Pickleball Paddle Reviews


Champion Pickleball paddles are an excellent choice in this regard. A look at Pickleball paddle reviews show that these paddles have long been regarded as the premium standard in the world of pickleball paddles. Featuring a great built, an intuitive design and a classic look, these paddles are sure to last you a long while.

We have consolidated the key features of these paddles by analyzing a number of pickleball paddle reviews. Following are some of the features consistently highlighted in this regard.

Composite construction:

Pickelball paddles are usually constructed from wood or composite materials. When the two materials are compared, composite stands out as the more durable and high-performing material. The Champion pickleball paddle reviews show that they are constructed using premium-grade aerospace composites. This ensures that these paddles have a very durable build and are able to deliver an excellent performance during pickleball games.

Honeycomb Core:

Champion has used an innovative and advanced core structure in the construction of these paddles. Called the Honeycomb core, this inner structure of the paddles makes sure that they deliver a high degree of control and power to the player wielding these paddles.

To top it, the face of the paddles is constructed from graphite material. This couples perfectly with the strong honeycomb core, channeling the strength of the core smoothly through the face and into the ball when the players hits with these paddles. Another great thing about the graphite face of these paddles, as mentioned in many pickleball paddle reviews, is that it is contoured with micro-dimples for grab and spin. This allows the players to achieve more powerful hits while retaining the stability and precision of the hits.

Large Playing Surface:

These paddles are especially noticeable for coming with an exceptionally large head size. The key to a good paddle is that it should pack a sizable head and yet remain light-weight for quick and easy wielding. The Champion paddles carry both of these qualities. The head area is large, providing a larger surface area to hit the pickleball and reducing the chances of mis-hits. At the same time, the paddle weighs a mere 7.4 ounces which makes it light-weight enough for quick and powerful hitting.

Multiple Grip Options:

A grip is a vitally important part of a pickleball paddle. A thicker grip offers a more comfortable hold on the paddle although it may slightly add to the overall weight of the paddle. A thinner grip enhances the feel and hold of the player. Ultimately, different players choose different grip types depending upon their playing style and preferences.

Champion Pickleball paddle reviews reveal that these paddles come with multiple grip options. You can go with the Ultra Cushion Contour grip. This variety of grip adds some thickness on the handle while offering a firm hold at the same time. Alternatively, you can choose the Thin-Tac grip. This type of grip is thinner in comparison but it does add that contoured feel on the paddle which enables a player to hold the paddle more firmly.

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