Netgear CM500 review

Internet connection has become an inevitable entity in every household and with the different internet service providers in tow you need a modem that is highly compatible with the kind of internet provider you use. You need a modem that is certified for DOCSIS 3.0 so that it can work with different service providers like the Comcast XFINITY or the Time Warner cable. When you are looking for third party modems that can offer equal compatibility like the first party ones, then CM500 from Netgear definitely tops the list.

Netgear CM500 review

Coming from a well established brand like NetGear it provides you a better control over security, connectivity, functionality and other updates. Also it provides you excellent customer support which you will not find with any other service provider modems. The NetGear CM500 does not just stop with providing these extraordinary features but is also quite stylish in the look which means you can proudly place it in your living room without worrying about spoiling the décor.

In terms of experience, the Netgear CM500 comes with a speed that is much better than the DOCSIS 2.0 modems which enables you to enjoy HD streaming and gaming at its best.  You will have an unmatched speed in internet connection with the Netgear CM500 in your midst.


  • High speeds of download much better than other service provider modems and its previous counterparts.
  • Compatibility with multiple internet service providers.
  • Installation is quite simple and doesn’t require any CD.
  • Is a cost saving investment over a long run as there is no modem rental fee to be paid.
  • Sleek build in the much adored black color that will look good on your table or near your system without standing out.
  • It is not bulky and hence occupies lesser space as it is vertically mounted.
  • Comes with a 1Gigabit port for Ethernet.
  • Perfect for HD streaming, online gaming and fast downloads.
  • Doesn’t wear down soon and has a longer shelf life.


There aren’t many complaints or negative reviews for the Netgear CM500 modem. However, one has to make sure that the internet service provider is compatible with this modem. While it does serve quite a few leading internet service providers, there are still a few that doesn’t fit into this modem architecture. And if you are looking for an in-built WiFi router, then again this modem is not designed for you. But this gives you an option to upgrade your WiFi router without having to replace the modem.

In simple words, this is a modem that is quite capable for its price and more but provided you have the right service provider.

A high speed connection may not provide you the same kind of output as it should be if you don’t have a modem to match that power. With Netgear CM500 though, you will have no cause to worry or to complain as the modem provides an unbeatable 680mbps download speed, which is faster than even the modems from the cable companies.

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