MyPoints Review

It is fact that we all spend too much time on internet via phone or Laptop or tablet. How about we turn our internet time productively by earning few rewards? Established in 1996, MyPoints is a rewards program website where users can earn points for their online purchases from the selected retailers.

My Points review

MyPoints Review

How to register for MyPoints rewards?

The registration process is pretty simple and you can finish it off easily. Visit their official webpage  and click on “Join Now” button that is displaying on the screen. You would be glad to know that you will be rewarded with 100 points when you first download your MyPoints balance.  There is an app available for iPhone users, which you can download and use.

What are the ways to earn points in MyPoints?

Now that you have registered yourself, we will look upon the ways to earn points in MyPoints.

Apart from rewarded with points for shopping, they do have variety of modes to build your points. You can earn additional points through these following ways

  • Online Surveys: MyPoints is no exceptional in rewarding you with those extra points when you fill their surveys. Just tap on the survey zone daily to stay updated about new surveys and fill them.
  • Referral program: You are sure to receive 25 points when you refer a friend to MyPoints program. Are you ready to invite few of your friends to MyPoints?
  • Games: Get rewarded for playing games, isn’t it cool? Yes, you can get 5-10 points for playing games. They do have slot machine games to give you opportunities to win big.
  • Earn for searching: Try using MyPoints search bar to get more points. For 1 search you can get 10 points.
  • MyPoints Videos: Each video that you watch can fetch you one point. There are loads of videos on different topics like entertainment, health, etc that you can watch according to your interest.
  • Print coupons: Earn 10 points instantly for each coupon that you print and redeem.
What are the ways to redeem the points of MyPoints?

After you earn a considerable amount of points, you would love to know how to redeem those points

  • Gift cards: After earning a minimum of 1550 points, you can redeem it for the different gift cards that are available. Amazon, Walmart, Staples, Best Buy, and the list goes on and on.
  • Travel: With minimum of 6450 points you can dream of travelling. True, you can book your travel accommodations or the other amenities with these points.
  • Cash: You can directly deposit your points into your paypal account or even request a prepaid visa.
  • Donate: Donating your points to charity is definitively possible in MyPoints. Your points sure will go for a great cause.

How do I redeem the points?

To redeem your points, you need to login to your MyPoints account first. Then, tap on “gift box” icon that appears on upper right hand corner of the page. It will then be directed to a page where you will be able to see all the above discussed options.


My Points rewards review

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