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Hunting or shooting at night can be a tough thing to do. This is especially true if you are an archery enthusiast and use the bow-and-arrow equipment to do the hunting. And yet, night hunting is the kind of challenge that most hunters don’t want to miss out on. Most of the game animals start moving around at dawn or dusk, so night hunting comes with many valuable game opportunities.

Lighted nocks review

When night hunting with arrows, a major problem is to keep track of the arrow’s trajectory and final location. You may be left wondering whether or not the arrow hit the target. An excellent way to resolve this problem is by making use of lighted nocks.

Lighted Nocks Review Deals

Lighted nocks attach to the arrows and usually come with an illumination light. With the light on, you can keep track of the arrow’s trajectory and its ultimate location. However, some nocks fare poorly while others can withstand rough and tough use. Our lighted nocks review deals with one of such models.

The Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks fall into this second category. By offering an excellent and durable design with great features, these nocks are preferred by some of the best hunters and archery enthusiasts around the world. Here is a quick rundown of some of the notable features in the Nocks-S model.

Long battery life

If you are using a lighted nock with a short battery life, you may not be able to search your arrows in time to retrieve them. In our lighted nocks review, we found that Nocktural-S nocks suffer no such drawbacks. These nocks come with high-quality lithium batteries which can last up to 20 hours. So you may even shoot an arrow one night and then go retrieve it the next day. At the very least, the long battery life allows you to easily search for and retrieve the arrow without worrying about the nocks running out of battery.

Waterproof and shock resistant

A key aspect of our lighted nocks review is to see whether a given model can withstand rough and tough usage. Rain and other weather whims are a regular part of the hunting lifestyle. So a good set of lighted nocks should be waterproof. The Nockturnal-S stands up to this test.

These nocks are fully waterproof, so even if you are shooting into a shallow stream, they will serve you in good stead. Another problem with many nocks is that they usually fail when they hit a target or the ground, due to the vibration and the shock of impact. This is not the case with Nockturnal-S. These nocks are specifically designed to be shock resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them going out if the arrow hits the ground.

Reliable in every shot

Some lighted nocks work great most of the times but may fail to illuminate occasionally due to a variety of reasons. Our lighted nocks review puts Nockturnal-S at the top of the list when it comes to reliability. To ensure it, the manufacturer has used a piston drive contact switch in the design of these nocks. As a result, these nocks light up every single time without fail.

Ready for use

Some nocks models are great but require assembling before they can use them. The lighted nocks review of Nockturnal-S shows that it comes with no such qualms. These nocks come fully assembled, so all you have to do is open up the pack, insert the nocks and start using it. This is particularly useful when you are short on time and can’t waste precious moment assembling the nocks.

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