Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Dates, Ghats, Places Information

Krishna Pushkaralu in 2016 is dated between 12th and 23rd of August. Lot of arrangements have been made by governments of states Andhra, Telnagana, Maharashtra and karnataka to help the pilgrims take the holy dip in Krishna River. All information about Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 can be seen on their official site.

Vijayawada is one of the major city on the banks of river Krishna. Lot of Hindu pilgrims reach Vijayawada to take holy dip in the Krishna river as it was be the major city. Lot of arrangements like ghats, drinking water, helpline centres were made at all destinations.

Krishna pushkaram

Usually Pushkaram come once in 12 years. After 2004 , in 2016 Krishna Pushkaralu will  commence from 12 th August and last for 12 days. Many bathing ghats were arranged to accommodate all people. Heavy crowd is expected on all the 12 days, so lot of safety measures will be taken to avoid any stampede.

In Telangana state also many ghats were arranged in many places , where crowd is expected. More information about it coming soon.

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