InstaBlade Review – Best Folding Credit Card Survival Knife

Today, we are going to review the InstaBlade. It’s a credit card knife which despite its light weight and small size, is very durable. It features a stainless steel surgical blade, whichis both water and rust proof.

This credit card knife is a compact pocket knife which resembles a credit card.

Best Folding Credit Card Survival Knife

It is portable with a size of 2 millimeters.

This makes the knife an effective hidden tool for your defense. You can easily carry it around in your wallet or purse hiding it as a credit card.

About InstaBlade

Survival Life designs InstaBlade, a Texas-based company which is known for producing high-end outdoor products including hunting, camping, mountain biking, and hiking.

InstaBlade features a surgical blade made with stainless steel. The metal hinges are rust proof and feature a waterproof locking mechanism.

The protective hand grip guard keeps the knife in one place, preventing any slipping.


Tactical Use

Designed for prepares and survivalists, the device is small yet sturdy.  It’s safe, and effective thanks to the safety sheath. It can easily cut food, and wood, you can use it in any situation. It can survive in tough environments without any hurdle.

Tough Built

The knife only sizes 3 inches with 2mm thick. It’s a bit smaller than acreditcard and easily slips behind your cash or cards. You won’t have any troubling fitting it inside your wallet. It features both water and rust proofing to help last a long time.

Protective Handle

InstaBlade features a polymer material handle. It’s unbreakable and a bit bendy so you can fit it inside your wallet without an issue It also keeps your palm safe while you hold it. It prevents slippage and keeps the blade stiff even if you stab it in a wall.

Quick Lock Mechanism

This blade doesn’t slip out in pocket or wallet. It features a unique lock mechanism which attaches the blade to its handle when it rests in card mode. Therefore, you can relax knowing it won’t pop out on its own. However, if you need to use it, you struck out the blade within a blink of aneye.

InstaBlade Review


  • The device is water, and rustproof
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Easily fits in your wallet
  • It easily fits into wallet, and card holder because it’s the same size as any credit, and debit card
  • Tough built, and unmatched reliability
  • Polymer handguard allows firm grip and keeps the blade from slipping
  • Sharp blade can slice through anything


  • Hinges can loosen after a few years of use

For under $3, it’s InstaBlade is a great product. It designed for campers and survivalists. Unless you are not trying to chop down a tree or use it as a throwing knife, it will serve you well. It offers a lot of value for what it costs. You can carry it without any issue in your wallet, and use it whenever you need. It can help you in emergency situations.

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