How to Heal Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoid relief Treatment

Realize it or not, a lot of people in this world often have to suffer from hemorrhoids. This is even more so with women who are in their pregnancy period. Even for those women out there who are not pregnant, they often begin to suffer from this particular condition when they are above fifty years old. The same also goes for men. To tell the truth, this is not a dangerous condition. However, it can be quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, it is not so hard to get over this condition. For those wondering how to heal hemorrhoids, here are quite a few things they may want to take into consideration.


How to Heal Hemorrhoids

Getting to Know Hemorrhoids

First of all, before moving on to how to possible get over this particular disorder, it is of utmost importance to find out first about what hemorrhoids really are. These are vein clusters that may look like pillows and normally lie beneath people’s mucous membranes. For those who may not know yet, mucous membranes are membranes that line the lowest anus and rectum. These vein clusters often show up when the human veins become distended and swollen. This is why people can sometimes see varicose in their legs.

The Actual Causes of Hemorrhoids

When it comes to what actually causes hemorrhoids, there are often more than just one probability. Chronic constipation is believed to be one of the triggering factors of this disorder. In addition to chronic constipation, hemorrhoids can also be triggered by sitting too long on the toilet and straining while moving the bowel. Now, if you pay careful attention, all of these factors have something to do with the flow of the blood to and from hemorrhoids area. This, in turn, can cause the blood to pool, enlarging the blood vessels. This is why pregnant women are more vulnerable to hemorrhoids. When women are pregnant, their uterus normally becomes larger, causing the veins to get pressed.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Before saying that a person suffers from this disorder, it is important to do some diagnosis in advance. In this case, it is a wise idea to pay attention to a person’s physical exam and medical history. Hemorrhoids can also be detected by paying attention to such symptoms as rectal bleeding, itching, pain and even prolapse. The latter, however, usually happens in cases where hemorrhoids protrude through anal canal.

Healing Hemorrhoids

Now, when it comes to getting over hemorrhoids, the good news is that there are plenty of home treatments available. These treatments are:

  • Consume fiber-rich foods

Believe it or not, people can actually get over their hemorrhoids if they increase their consumption of foods rich in fibers. However, for best results, it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water as well. Combined with enough fluid, fibers are well capable of softening stools, causing them to pass more easily. This will consequently reduce hemorrhoids pressure. Fortunately enough, fibers are easy to obtain. They are highly available in fresh fruit, whole-grain foods, oat and wheat bran, beans, broccolis and even fiber supplements. All these items can help reduce the enlargement, inflammations and also bleeding of the hemorrhoids.

  • Exercise a lot

Although there may not be too many people out there that actually realize it, exercising a lot can also help get over hemorrhoids. Even moderate aerobic exercises are enough to heal this particular disorder. This is because these exercises can stimulate bowel function. A good example of these exercises is performing a brisk walking for about half an hour.

  • Treat the clot

At times, external hemorrhoids may result in a blood clot. The pain can be quite unforgiving in this case. Therefore, it is highly recommended to treat the blood clot directly, especially if it has been around for more than two days. To treat the clot, people can get it withdrawn or removed from their veins by undergoing a minor surgical procedure, preferably performed by an experienced surgeon.

  • Take a sitz bath

Now, there may not be too many people out there who may have heard of the term ‘sitz bath’. To take a sitz bath means to take a warm water bath to treat their hips and buttocks. A sitz bath is pretty effective in relieving sphincter muscle spasms, irritations and itches. For those who wonder, the term ‘sitz’ is derived from the German word ‘sitzen’, which means ‘to sit’.

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