How to get a free hoverboard

Hoverboards are of lot of craze these days. Get a free hoverboard here with the link provided below. Due to some reasons (firing) , hoverboards are down. But they are back with more safety regulations now. So get a hoverboard here and enjoy the free ride. Lot of testing is been going over these boards to get through many obstacles. But these segway boards are very viral.

free hoverboard

Recently Segway and Ninebot has come up with Mini Pro. This is an advanced hoverboard which has got many permissions and certifications from various boards. Read complete Segway minipro review here. How a minipro differs from the free hoverboard given away here? Main difference is the hoverboard don’t  have any leg controller and hoverboard cannot be controlled by app , where as minipro can be.

Here the free hoverboard given costs around $1500. Get your chance to get one for free here. These boards are also called segway boards or IO HAWK boards. Even they are also known as Skywalker boards. What ever the name may be get one smart personal transporter for free today.

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The speed range of this smart self balancing scooter is 10 miles per hour, with a mileage of 25 kilometers on full charging. IO HAWK is one of the manufacturers of this model. Win one board here by just filling in your email address to get further details of this giveaway. Many people are vexed with the surveys. Here we give only a working link with no survey offer. These hoverboards are very cool gadgets and must have things.

Advantages of winning Hoverboards

These devices don’t need any parking space and can be carried easily over the back in the backpack. Very light weight design with latest technology. Earlier the segways are limited only to golfers for longer periods. The main reason for this is the cost of these personal transporters. Now with the self balancing technology everything has been minified and the cost has come down. These hoverboards with wheels are very similar to real boards except the flying mode. These move on road only and cannot fly.

How to ride a hoverboard? It just takes 5 – 10 minutes to start riding it. First charge it to full on receiving it. Then see the video linked here to learn riding the free IO HAWK board. Grab one when the Hoverboard Sweepstakes are available. Click below link to get to your address. These free smart boards are not permitted to use on roads in few locations , so please take care on using these segway scooter.


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