Highster mobile reviews – See why its best cell phone spy software

Highster mobile review

Worry about what your children are up to with their smart phones?

This is a constant question that buzzes in almost every parent’s head, especially for those who have a teenager at home constantly on phone. But denying the phone to your kids is also not a good way to keep things normal with them. So what is the solution? The answer to your problem is to get a good cell phone spy software package which will help you to keep a tab on your children without their knowledge. So you will be giving them the much needed freedom and you will always know what they are up to.

Highster mobile reviews

Here the article will delve deeper into one such spy software, the Highster mobile. We will learn on how the spy app functions, the features, the process for installation, pros, cons and much more about the software here.

Best cell phone spy software

What is Highster mobile?

As stated above, it is a monitoring software or a spy software which helps you to keep tabs on your children or anyone you know without their knowledge. The software is easily installable in both Android and iOS platforms making it more versatile. Another important fact is that there is no need for you to jail break or root for using this device on another phone. With easy installation process and quite a few updated features, the Highster mobile pro edition definitely gives you the value for your money. The package comes at a monthly fee and is quite affordable to anyone.

How to get Highster mobile to spy on texts?

The software has to be purchased at the here at official site and is quite an easy process to do so. You can buy more than one license at the same time, if you wish. You have to provide your name and contact details before purchase. The payment can be made through multiple channels including Paypal, Bank transfers, VISA /Master/ Euro cards, Diners club cards, JCB and more. The site also lets you choose the currency in which you want to make the payment. The software is not available for any free trial or any discount. It can be bought from anywhere in the world paying the amount specified in the website. Once you have made the payment it will take a few minutes for the processing to be completed. As of now we don’t have the highster mobile free trial , we are tying to get if from the official seller.

Upon completion of your payment processing, the website will send you two mails on your email id.

  1. The first one is the Avangate customer service email which will be the confirmation on the payment made, the details of your purchase, order confirmation, etc.
  2. The second one will be the information mail which will have the link to download the software securely, the username, password and the license key to access the software. You will also be given the online control panel link through which you have to login.

Download and installation of Highster mobile spy

For downloading the software, you need to use the browser on your mobile and type in the link as found in your confirmation mail. Once you type the link, you will be redirected to the installation menu of the Highster mobile website on login. Here you will see three options – Apple, Android and Blackberry of which you need to choose the platform your mobile is supported on. After this you also have to choose whether you want a mobile app or a tablet app. After making your selection you will be taken step by step through the entire process of installation on your mobile phone or tablet. After going through the instructions completely, you will be asked to enter the license key and the target mobile phone in the end to spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone. Just submit once done and you will be registered and ready to use the software.

What do you need to install Highster mobile package?

The app is compatible on both Android and iOS platforms and it is supported by the below OS.

  1. Works on rooted and unrooted android devices with a OS of Android 2.1 or more.
  2. If you are working on a target jail broken iOS, then the version should be 6-8.4.
  3. If the target Apple device is not jail broken, then you need the Apple ID with the password to use this software. In this case, there is no worry on the iOS version you are using.

Do remember for the app to be downloaded and installed on your target device, you need to have access to it for at least a few minutes.

Features of Highster mobile

Most of the work on this software can be easily done through the online control panel link. The first step before you start using the software is to turn on the features that you want to work with on your control panel. You can do that changing the logging settings at the online control panel. Below are the features offered by Highster mobile to its customers.

  • Monitoring text messages: Texting is the most trending and happening thing in a school or college campus. In fact you can say that that’s what even 90% of the population does rather than calling. The Highster mobile will help you track all messages on the target phone, the incoming, the outgoing, the photo messages, the videos shared on messages, etc.
  • Monitor phone calls: Even if it is lesser than the text messages, the phone calls are also very important when you are monitoring a person. Highster mobile gives you the advantage of monitoring the incoming, outgoing calls along with the contact list, phone number, and other details of the calls as well.
  • User friendly panel: The online control panel of Highster mobile is famous for being simplistic and yet omnipresent. The control panel gives you options to not just monitor but it can even help creating time triggers, tweaking the display and much more.
  • GPS tracking: This is definitely one of the best features for finding whom your target is messaging or calling, you also get to know where exactly they are. It will not just give you the current location but it will also give you a history on the locations touched by the target cell phone.
  • Camera control: This is definitely a spy technology where you can use the spy phone’s camera to take a snap of the surroundings and send it to you. Unable to reach the GPS tracker, then this is your answer to know where the target phone is.
  • Monitoring emails: The mobile app also gives you the option to monitor the email messages on the target phone. You will be able to read the messages along with the details of the sender, recipients, etc. be it the mobile’s mail app or a third party mail like Gmail on the target phone.
  • Check the browser: You don’t get to only access the browser of the target phone, but you also get to see the history of the websites visited by the device and the bookmarks created.
  • Monitor the photos: So what if the target phone did not receive any photos or send any? Are you looking to check the snaps that have been taken or the videos recorded? You can do that and more with the Highster mobile app.
  • Check the contacts: It is not necessary for your target phone to message, mail or call a person for you to know that they are in touch. You can easily browse through the contacts in your target phone from your device through mobile.
  • Monitor social media: The social media has been both a boon and a bane for youngsters. Keeping track of what they see, what they post, what they download, is now quite easy with the software package. You can track Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook through this spy software.

Last but not the least, if you are looking to remove yourself from the target device without the knowledge of the user, then you can use the remote uninstalls option from your control panel. Of course, all the above are just a few features one can enjoy with the Highster mobile spy software. There are many more options to explore and enjoy with it.


Given below are points that weigh in the favor of Highster mobile.

  1. They are easy to purchase from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  2. The purchase is fast, easy and definitely secure.
  3. The spy app is also easy to download and the step by step instructions make it quite easy to understand.
  4. The main menu for installation is easy to navigate even for the common man.
  5. The app doesn’t consume much space, a mere 1.95 MB
  6. It works well on both mobiles, tablets on both Android and iOS platforms.


A few downside to the software include,

  1. There is no discount or a free trial period offered. So you need to buy the product to know how it works.
  2. While the process of downloading is simple, it takes a slightly longer time. But that is what makes it easy and hassle free.
  3. Communication logs seem to take a little time and effort to receive as per the customer reviews.


There are quite a few spy software and monitoring software packages in the market offering almost every feature that is found in this. However, the Highster mobile does offer these at a very reasonable price in comparison. Given the cost and the company’s reputation, the package is definitely a win-win!

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