Best Way To get free samples by mail 2018 without Surveys

Before getting to know more about free product samples by mail, having a good product or service is just one part of the story. There is a need to market and sell it efficiently. Without this it is quite likely that even the best products and services will fail to reach its potential over a period of time. Therefore advertising and marketing are important components for the success of a product. There are many mediums of advertising including print electronic, outdoor and direct marketing. Each one has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. But on the whole there is no doubt that without advertising and planned marketing it would be difficult to reach the desired levels of success for any businesses. Cost is also another important factor to be kept in mind when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Free stuff by mail– Understanding More About It

Many startup organizations may not have the desired budgets and financial strength to spend thousands or perhaps even millions of dollars in conventional advertising involve print, electronic and other mediums. Hence they choose direct marketing as a way out to reach their products and service directly. Though not much is known about this form of marketing, it is today able to generate sales running into billions of dollars.

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Sending Free product Samples By Mail 2018

Whenever there is a need to directly reach out to customers, the best way that one can do it is by finding out ways by which they can get a chance to interact with them personally. Sending free samples by mail is something which has been around for many decades. There are clearly two opinions about it. On the one hand there are groups of people who believe that it is a wasteful investment because you cannot be sure about the return in most cases. They believe that there is no guarantee whether the product in question will be liked by the people to whom it is being sampled. However, there are many others who believe that it is an important and useful form of marketing. It is about raising product and brand awareness without having to spend thousands of dollars in conventional advertising like print, electronic and outdoor adverting. According to many experts, it is a fantastic way of advertising and reaching out to thousands of potential customers. For new startups without millions of dollars in advertising budgets, this certainly is a great way forward.

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Quite A Few Other Advantages

Sending free samples by mail also is great way to spread the message around. It gets lot of attention and people talk about it. Hence it is a great way of indirect advertising. Secondly it enhances the reputation and prestige of the organization concerned and shows you in a high pedestal. You will also as a marketer of products and services be able to honest and correct feedback directly from the customers. It is a good way to build brand loyalty if you give these samples to existing customers. Giving away samples would certainly mean that as a manufacturer and marketer you are confident about the quality of the product and this in itself will be a positive way to start your marketing campaign. Hence when all the above factors are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that giving products by sample without any doubt would be a great way to increase sales by spending much less on advertising then what you normally would have spent.


Choosing The Right Products Is Important

While there is no doubt that it is a great way to improve sales, you must be aware of the products which you wish to market through this mode. Not all products work and therefore you must be sure that you choose the right group of product to advertise and sample through this mode. Generally it has been found that magazines, health products, food supplements, health supplements, soaps, toiletries, beauty products and other such allied groups of products are best suited for this mode of advertising. This is a fact which should also be understood by customers and those who look forward to such sampling by mail.


How free stuff by mail Are Sampled

If you are a customer who would like to try out these samples and perhaps even make it a regular habit, there are quite a few such options available. If you are all eyes and ears you can be in a position to identify at least a few dozen such companies who offer the above categories of products by on a regular basis. However, they will not send the products directly to your home or through some random selection of addresses and prospective customers. It is therefore important for you to be aware of the various ways and means by which you will be able to get access to these regular free products sampling by mail.


You Must Be Registered

The first starting point is to be sure that as a prospective customer you register yourselves for such campaigns. If you look around the internet and spend some time in it, you will be able to come across dozens of such companies who are ready to give out generous quantities of samples. However, to become eligible prima-facie for such products, you must be in a position to meet some basic requirements which these companies expect. You must therefore begin the process by registering name and other details on the websites of these companies. This is a simple job and the process of registration should not take more than a few minutes. They may ask you for details pertaining to your name, age, gender, income, and other demographic details. They might also ask for some information about your personal preferences, likes and dislikes. These details are asked because it will help the advertisers to be sure that you belong to the target groups which they are aiming at. Not all products can be samples to everybody and therefore they spend time and do quite a bit of research and classify and segment customers so that they are able to identify those groups who could be their targets.


The Importance Of Surveys

It also would be pertinent to mention here that many companies offer surveys to potential customers and this certainly is a great way to get a regular supply of samples of products which people require on daily basis. This again calls for being in touch with the right sources of information and then moving forward. If you look up the internet and then act, it will not be long before you come across scores of companies, some of the very big multinationals, offering generous samples if you are able to complete the survey satisfactorily. However, this might not be open to all age groups and therefore you will have to be sure that you are eligible for participation in such surveys. Filling up the survey forms could take anything from 15 minutes to even one full hour. This would depend on the type of products which you are choosing and the details which the company is expecting from you.


Points To Bear In Mind

It is however important it keeps certain things in mind when it comes to mail order sampling. First and foremost you must identify the right company for taking part in survey and other such activities. The internet is full of dubious companies who get personal information about customers and do not honor their commitment of sending samples as promised. Further they also misuse the personal information and the safety and well being of many customers could be compromised. These details are used to extort money from unsuspecting customers. Therefore you must exercise caution and care and be sure that you are dealing with the best companies. It would be always a better option to associate with transnational companies and big corporate houses. They are well known for their goodwill and reputation. They would never do anything which could damage their brand and corporate image. Here are few points which should be considered carefully before signing up for surveys and also for other means which could enable you to get free samples by mail.

  • Always be associated with reputed companies. It is better to stay away from small names and startups if you are not sure about their credentials and goodwill.
  • Be choosy and careful about the kind of information you would like to share. While simple details like name, age, gender, profession, likes and dislikes can be shared, there are some information which you should share only if you are 100% sure about the company and its reputation.
  • There are many false and dubious websites which replicate well known corporate brand names. You must be wary about such false websites. There are ways and means by which you can find more about the genuineness of the organizations. Only when you are extremely sure you must part with your location and address details.
  • You must never divulge bank account details and other sensitive information without identifying the originality and honesty of the information seeker.

Hence as a person looking for free samples you must not be overcome with greed and end up losing big in the bargain. There are many instances where people have lost money and also their peace of mind by giving out sensitive and confidential information to bogus entities and trouble mongers.


Choose The Right Product

When you are planning to have a big list of companies who are ready offer samples you must do your homework properly. Not all products are sampled by companies across the board. For example if you are looking to get some magazines as free sample you must be sure that you belong to the right age group and social structure. Magazines which talk about health and fitness are usually distributed free to those who belongs a certain age group. In the normal circumstances you cannot expect an eighty-year-old man or woman to be very conscious about their physical fitness. They might be concerned about their overall well being and state of health.


It Is All About Trial And Error

It would be pertinent to mention here that there are many people who get free samples by mail free shipping worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However they have not succeeded overnight. They have gone through the learning process and must have committed quite a few mistakes and errors. Choosing a genuine reliable and honest mail order sampling company is not easy. You may have to go through dozens or even scores of such companies and only then be able to identify a few genuine ones. It is pure and simple a number game and you must be aware of this. Patience and perseverance pays a lot and you must follow this in the right sense of the term.


It Does Not End With Receipt Of Samples

If you wish to really succeed as a prospective free mail sample receiving individual there are a few more points which you must keep in mind. You must understand that there is a process expected from you by those who are sending these samples. You must follow the same as much as possible. For example most of these companies expect timely and accurate feedback from you. This is critical because it enables these companies to plan their marketing and sales strategies.  Many companies also may changes to their products based on such feedback. Therefore you must be a responsible person and ensure that you send feedback regularly and within the prescribed time limit. This will enhance your reputation as an end user of the samples. It will help the companies to gain trust and confidence on you. Therefore you will continue to receive many more free mail sample consignments and that too on a continuous basis.

You also must know that you cannot depend just on a few companies for getting free samples of cosmetics, toiletries, magazines, food supplements and host of other such products. As a rule of a thumb you must have at least twelve or fifteen such free sampling companies so that you continue to get a regular flow of samples. It is a big advertising model for many companies and therefore it will continue to grow.