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Gamefly free trial codes

Do you love gaming on your latest Xbox and not wanting to spend too much on buying games? Well, then it is time that you subscribe to the Gamefly free trial. It is an American rental service for all video games online. The games can be rented to play on all gaming consoles and handheld consoles including the PS 2, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox, GameCube, Xbox  360, Wii, Xbox one, DS, Wii U, 3DS and much more. Similar to the Netflix where you can order movies on a subscription, you can now rent games on a monthly subscription. They have nearly 8000 options to choose from.


Gamefly free trial 

Why choose Gamefly?

Gamefly is not the only option available to rent games online. There is also the Blockbuster online where the games are available for a lower cost.  But then why would want to choose gamefly? Reasons are abundant, the primary ones being,

  1. The number of games available to you is humongous with Gamefly when compared to the Blockbuster Online.
  2. While the cost factor might make you rethink the decision, you will have to reconsider again considering the options available to you.
  3. If you want the best and the latest games at your service, then there is nothing to do better than the Gamefly.

However, if you are still uncertain, you can still sign up for a free trial and check out which one delivers the best quality. Our bet is on Gamefly though.


gamefly free trial codes

What is the time taken for delivery?

It will of course depend on the location where you want the game to be delivered. The company has 4 shipping centres and yet as per majority of the customers, it doesn’t take longer to get your games from Gamefly. In fact, if you order for a game on Monday, you will most probably receive it before the end of the week, right when you want to start gaming. Of course, if your chosen games are not part of the stock, then you will have to wait.

What are the games you can rent from Gamefly free trial ?

There is no limitations on the games you can get from Gamefly 3 month free trial. They have games for almost every console including the Xbox, Playstations and the Nintendo ones.  They even have games to play in the older version of these consoles including Gameboy Advance and GameCube. Apart from games for these gaming consoles, their games also supported streaming players such as the Amazon FireTV. You just need a gaming controller which is compatible and a good net connection.

How much does it cost to buy a game from GameFly?

The free trial from Gamefly allows you to test out the games and the service for a month (30 days). And if you are satisfied, you can then start with your subscription. In order to get yourself a free trial, you just need to register with the company website. This will get you a membership for gamefly free trial without credit card, even for free trials, for which you need either a credit or a debit card while registering.

You will receive a notification about an authorization on your card, which is just that and there will not be any money deducted from your account for this. After registration, you will get a notification of the same. You can now order a game to try out. However, it will be better to add at least 10 titles to your queue. This way, even if one of the game is not available, you might be able to play another one in its place.  As and when any of the game is available, you will be notified with the shipment details.

Once the free trial period of 30 days gets over, the company will automatically start deducting the first month subscription fee from your registered card. If you do not wish to continue then you have to cancel the trial by visiting the rental company website. And ensure to return the games you have rented prior to cancellation.

gamefly free trial without credit card

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  1. Addy

    I selected FIFA 18 for trial

  2. Gary

    I have started my free trial here.Got few good extra games included. Really love the gamefly

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