Fog Machine

Types of Fog Machines and Their Utilities

Also known as Smoke generator and Smoke machine, the Fog machine is a gift of modern science. Among numerous gifts of modern science, this is a machine that is increasing in popularity almost every day. It is a device that emits smoke or fog whenever or wherever you need. The smoke is created artificially without burning anything, and that is why the chances or risks of getting environment pollution almost negligible. If you are fond of reality shows on the televisions or you love to watch the award night shows on the television, then you must have noticed the smoky frames of pictures that are created in between the dance or other shows. This smoky view of the stage is created with the help of the fog machine.

The same machine is also used in various other occasions, especially during the military training sessions. These sessions are handled and head by the army personnel and officers, so they are entirely safe from all hazards indeed. At present, the artificial for or smoke is also being used in the industrial training sessions where the trainee safety professionals are given training to fight fire. Technically, fog is created with the help of some chemical reactions, keeping in mind the safety measures.

Types of Fog Machines:

Basically, two types of smoke machines are in use these days. It is good to mention that both these types of machines work with two different techniques. They are as mentioned below:

Heat Fog Machine:

This is the machine in which the smoke is created with the help of electric pump that heats up using glycol, mineral oil, and/ or glycerin. When the machine heats up, it emits smoke or for-like effect. This fog is free from any harmful particles, and that is why breathing in this smoke is not difficult or harmful at all. The machine works with electricity. It starts heating up the moment electricity is supplied into it and it comes into contact with glycol, mineral oil, or glycerin. Many manufacturers from all over the world are available in the market today with their large array of products.

Chilling Smoke Machine:

Just opposite to the previous one, this chilling or chilled Smoke machine creates smoke using liquid nitrogen, liquid air, or dry ice. These machines are capable of creating thick fog, and their effects are faster and slightly longer lasting. The machine can be set to a very low temperature where the fog starts forming. This fog is stored in a drum with larger capacity. When released in the open, it becomes visible as thick smoke. However, the smoke is absolutely safe for respiration even for the kids.

Utilities of Fog Machines:

As mentioned earlier, Fog Machine or a smoke machine is used for a few certain places where smoke becomes a very essential ingredient. Following are the utilities of Smoke Machine:

Military Training:

This is probably the most important use of the fog generator as it is directly related to the safety and security of the borders of the nations. These military training sessions are headed by senior army professionals and are attended by trainee army personnel. The smoky effect becomes a necessary part of the entire training session, and that is why the effect is created with the help of smoke machines. These training sessions use both kinds of effects. The decision of using the right method depends on the right uses of these machines.

Reality Stage Shows:  

Be it a reality stage show or staging a Halloween drama, smoke from the fog machine is a must. Usually, most of the modern stage shows have dance programs of star performers. In is pursuit to get the right visual effects, the artificial fog is a must. In such a situation, a smoke generator becomes a must. Moreover, staging Halloween dramas, like Shakespeare’s ‘Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’, also needs some special visual effects where these smoke generators become a must.

Night Clubs:

Most of the nightclubs around the world hold sensual dance numbers where the dancers look for special smoky effects. This is helpful in restricting people getting the complete view of the nude or semi-nude bodies. In Las Vegas, most of the dance bars or night clubs have their own smoke generators that they use to get the right kind and quality of smoke when they actually need.

Apart from these, the demand of fog machine is increasing, these days, in the industrial purposes. Usually, the industrial units make use of these machines to generate smoke for cleaning purposes. However, there is a strong chance of having a different composition of the smoke that is needed there.

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