Firekable Paracord Bracelet Review

Ever think about going for hiking or camping without having essential lifesaving tools with you?

No, you can’t even imagine going without packing up important tools to get through the wilderness during hiking or camping.

Firekable Paracord Bracelet Review

One of the important things to have fires especially when you are going to a cold or dark area.

There are many tools by which you can burn a fire such as matchsticks, but how many of you can take it with you?

So, one of a handy tool is Firekable Paracord bracelet which can be used for survival anytime when you go for camping.

It is the ultimate tool for hikers which they can wear on the wrist and use it to start fire conveniently.

Firekable Review

The Firekable Paracord bracelet is same as other paracord bracelets, but the only difference is it contains hidden Ferro rod and striker tucked inside the bracelet so that it fits comfortably on your wrist.

Moreover, it is long lasting if you use it properly.


Nothing is worth than your own life, so it is a must to have such a cheap survival tool which has so many advantages besides giving you fire in time of need.

It is also loaded with 80 feet cordage or rope beautifully interweaved in the form of a bracelet.


Ultimate Handy Survival Tool

Anywhere in wilderness fire is life and this tool can give you fire as soon as you need. Easy to use and can be used by a person of any age group.

Nothing complex is starting for just a perfect strike is required, and fir will be there for you. It can produce the temperature of up to 3000 degrees. Which is more than enough during camping or you can also have an enjoyable bonfire with its light.

Giving you warm feel once the night cold strikes.


It is one of the most durable of all the Firekable Paracord bracelets being made by the material resistant from mildew and rot.

An invaluable tool that perfectly fits on your wrist is a must having lifesaving tool.

It is safe and can be worn by kids too but under supervision

Long Lasting

The Ferro rod is made to be survived by thousands of strikes but remains as a new one.

The durable material makes it possible to start a fire with this multi handy tool thousands of times.

So, you don’t need to worry about its fire-starting limit as in the case of matchsticks which finishes soon and then you are left with nothing to start a fire.


  • A small and simple bracelet is containing all important parts to start a fire immediately when you need.
  • Fits comfortable on your wrist and looks fascinating.
  • Firekable Paracord bracelet can produce heat up to 3000 degrees.
  • Ultra-durable and safe tool in comparison to lighter and other fire starting tools.


  • You may have to strike a few times to start a fire.
  • Sometimes it does not work with a single strike.

A Firekable Paracord is an essential tool for those who love to camp in wilderness and dark.

The best tool for your safety and survival. You must wear it if you are a person who likes to be ready for anything unexpected.

You can’t find any other Firekable Paracord with such features at such a low price.

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