Everstryke Match Review : The Waterproof FireStarter

Do you have an outdoor spirit?

Do you find it hard to tame on how to light a match without a striker ?

If yes, then what is holding you to live your outdoor dream?

Everstryke Match Review

If it’s your gear, then no worries because we have you covered. We are giving you a review of the best camping products including the Everstryke Match.

This is a waterproof fire starter which will help you to burn a bonfire for camping. It comes with a sturdy built which will see through years of use.

But what makes this an obvious choice?

Carry on with our following review to find out for yourself.

Introduction to Everstryke Firestarter

For someone in need of a waterproof solution for starting a bonfire the next time they camp, Everstryke Match really makes an obvious choice.

It comes with an all-around metal built, and consistent burning to help you start a fire without any hassle.

Yes, it makes camping easier than ever.


Features of Everstryke Pro

Everything Inclusive

The new design of Everstryke Firestarter is not for ravishing looks only. It’s functional as it features a Ferro rod sand wick. This makes it easy for you fit the fire-starting kit in your pocket, or attach it to your bag pack.

Hot Burns

Thanks to the introduction of Ferro Rods, this waterproof firestarter can really get hot. Yes, it strikes anywhere at 3,000 degrees and the flame can easily burn over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Rest assured, it gets the job done whether you want to start a campfire or whatever.

Effective Use

Unlike matches, which only work once, and has a quick timeout, the waterproof lighter can burn for as long as you want. This is very helpful in camping situations where you want to start a bonfire. It can easily last 15,000 long strikes, thanks to the O ring which prevents evaporation of the fuel.

Ease of Use

Despite the modern take, the Everstryke Match is very easy to use. All you have to do is start a lighter or light your match. Don’t worry; itwon’t burn your fingertips. It’s designed to keep your hands and fingers safe no matter what.

Designed for Survivalists

It doesn’t matter if it has rained or is foggy outside, the Waterproof Firestarter works perfectly. It’s an effective survival tool that makes sure you start a fire whenever you want.

It comes with a survival guidebook that helps you to learn different skills to survive in the wilderness, and how this Waterproof Firestarter can help you.


  • Compact size fits in your pocket
  • Burns and strikes perfectly
  • Fuel never leaks
  • It’s Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to start fire on any material
  • Comes with a free guide


  • Refueling is a bit complicated

This product is available for less than $10. This makes an ideal addition to your camping kit as you don’t have to be afraid of getting wet feet. The fire starter is made for the outdoor spirit and can see you through a few trips before it needs refueling. So, yes it’s worth every penny.

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