Ebates review

Getting cash back for the money that you spend on shopping sounds so very interesting, isn’t it? Are you looking for a website that can give you cash back for your shopping bills then this article is the perfect one for you to read on.

What is Ebates.com all about?

Shopping is the essential part of our day to day life, true we either buy groceries or medicines one or other day.  When it comes to online shopping, we all are so much addicted that it saves loads of our time getting wasted at stores instead you just click on your phone on your free time while travelling or waiting for some one. Ebates is a online webpage that you can land in which rewards all its users with cash back when they make any purchase with their affiliated online stores.

Why do Ebates give cash back to those who make purchase form their affiliated stores?

Yes, it is definitely a valid question that you would be waiting to get answered. The online stores that get displayed on this website pay some commission amount to Ebates when ever a purchase is made in their website through Ebates. In turn, Ebates pays some amount in that commission as cash back to you. Basically, Ebates is taking up a role of a middle man of enhancing sales to the online stores as well as giving benefits to the users who make purchase through them.

How does Ebates work?

We will see how you can enjoy these cashback with Ebates.

  • First step is to sign up with them using your email address. Once you are done with t he sign up procedure, you are awaited with a surprise of $10 worth gift card from any displayed list of stores.
  • So, your signing part is over and now you can start your shopping part. Search Ebates for the affiliated stores and select the one from which you want to make your purchase.
  • Now, click on “Shop now” button. Then, you will be getting a tracking ticket in order to make your purchase.
  • After you punch in your credit card number and finish your purchase, your cash back will be added to your Ebates account automatically in about 1 to 6 days.
  • But, the cash back will be kept on hold for 60 days. Because, there will be 60 day money back guarantee with every purchase and it is possible that you might return the product if you are not happy with it.
  • After this holding period of 60 days, you would obtain this ash back officially.

 Before choosing an option you need to know the features completely before opting for the same. Ebates does load up your mail box with quite a lot of junk but you need to remember that

  • No extra time is needed for using Ebates, it just takes only your shopping time.
  • A gift card and sign up bonus of Ebates looks lucrative.

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