Earning Station reviews

Earning station Review

Founded in the year 2011, the Earning station is an online survey panel which is rated among the top legitimate survey panels that pays its members quite decently. It is a website based on loyalty rewards where the members have the option to earn incentives in cash and gifts by playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, etc.

Earning Station reviews

How does Earningstation work?

Becoming a member on this website is quite simple. You just have to fill out a registration form on their website or you can use your facebook account to login. Once you have logged in, there are many ways to make money through earning station which includes,


Earning station Review

  1. Completing offers: There are multiple offers that you will find on this website from a whole lot of advertisers. This would require you to try out new services or products on a trial basis. Generally you will get your amount credited into your account immediately upon completion of the offer or after the trial period is over.
  2. Surveys: There are daily surveys that can earn you points in to your earning station account which can later be redeemed.
  3. Even the simplest tasks like watching live and recorded entertainment videos, music and movies can help you make more reward points.
  4. Shopping online: There are quite a few advertisers on the website with whom if you shop through this website, you will be rewarded with definitive cash back.
  5. Referral programs: You can make 10% of the earnings made by someone you have referred to this website without doing much by yourself.
  6. Even using the search engine that is given to you for all your searches online can help you make some reward points.


The points that you earn through this website can be either redeemed through virtual or pre paid gift cards. The gift cards are available across multiple stores from retail to food. The only constraint is that you need to be an US citizen to make use of this website.

The points are also referred to as the Station Dollars or SD and 100 such SD is equivalent to $1. The points rewarded will vary based on the task completed. If you check the option for pre paid gift cards, it might take time for them to reach your mailing address.


  • Easy to join and there is no admission fee or charges.
  • There is never a shortfall for ways to make money through the website.


  • Only US citizens can participate.
  • There is no option to use Paypal and with only gift cards, you cannot redeem for cash.

The site is definitely legitimate and there is no doubt on it. However, the amount you earn is not much when you consider the amount of time you have to spend online. So if you have a lot of time at hand and you are not looking for a very high stable income then Earning Station is worth your time.


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