DELL XPS 8900 Review Special Edition i7

DELL XPS 8900 Review

The market is flooded with various fast speed processors but there are very less which are reliable and gives actually what it says. The Dell is one of the most promising brands among various desktop processors. If you want to own a dynamic and fastest processor than Dell XPS x8900 will be worth buying. It is fully loaded with extra space for storage. The Dell XPS 8900latest version comes with:

DELL XPS 8900 Review

  • 6th Generation Intel Quad Core i7-6700 HQ Processor.
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM/ 1 TB HDD storage, Expandable to 32 GB
  • 10 USB Ports
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • No monitor included
  • 4 GHz processor speed
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 730 Graphics coprocessor
  • 3*17.49*16.01 inches Dimension
  • Bluetooth tied to wireless card

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Features of Dell XPS x8900:

High-Quality graphics and sound:

The performance of the processor is remarkable. It comes with 460-watt power supply and graphic card supports up to 225 watts. For high-end gaming and video editing experience, the sturdy Nvidia GeForce GT 730 Graphics card enhances the performance.

Maxx audio software which gives clarity of sound and integrated 7.1 channel (6jack) built in audio boost the performance.

Plenty of storage and Expandable:

Storage capacity is remarkable with Dell XPS x8900it comes with3 hard drive bays and unbelievable up to 2 TB storage.

Smart Design:

The XPS products are unique of its kind with few exclusive features like easy accessible ports and connectors. Also, the processors are quieter in compare to other brands.


Dell XPS x8900comes with ample of room to add more storage and has few amazing benefits such as:

  • Wireless function is attached to the motherboard. No PCI card provided only video graphic card used.
  • HDMI and display ports enable to connect more than one monitor.
  • Dell XPS x8900is areliable brand and can easily be upgraded.
  • One of the economical brand, which suits our budget.
  • System works very fast and is responsive.
  • The Dell XPS x8900 has applications which are system intensive helps in multitasking, video editing, HD video playback and extreme gaming.
  • Watching photo and video projects are more enjoyable as memory intensive application never slows down the system.
  • The top tray of the desktop is convenient for charging and storing the devices.
  • Transferring data without any cable is one of the added advantages. The integrated 19-in-1 reader has made the data transfer hassle free.
  • It comes with OEM windows license.


Dell XPS x8900 has some demerits such as:

  • The 460 watts power supply of the computer uses 225 watts for the graphic cards. Thus it may not handle few higher end cards.
  • SSD option selection is not enabled.
  • Dell XPS does not come with the product key.
  • Installation media and manual should be provided along with the product.
  • For SSDs extra bracket might be required as SSD drives are generally 2.5’’ and extra drive bays are 3.5’’.

The overall performance of the processor is outstanding. Its performance is worth praising. It’s a must buy for those who are looking for affordable and fast pace processor.

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