Cute kid contest

For a parent, there is never a kid cuter than their own. And if you are a parent, wouldn’t you want the world to know how cute your kid is. Well, if you think you have the cutest kid, then you would probably want to enter them into the famous cute kid contest. The contests are held every month and there is also a yearly award.

How to apply?

If you have a cute kid in your home, then all you need to do is take a good snap and post it in the official website of the cute kid. However, you need to first create a member account in the website. If you are submitting the photo of another kid, not your own, then you need to have the consent from the parent or the legal guardian prior to submission.

How is it decided?

The contest judgment begins on 1st of every month for the previous month entries. For instance, on February 1st, the judging will begin for all January entries. The judging goes for a week or ten days and is done by professional photographers and talent agents. They have been in the industry for some time and are well versed on how to select the fresh face for the contest. There are a lot of prizes including monthly and yearly winner awards which can be equivalent to nearly $25k in tuition fees for the winner of the year.

People’s choice

If you want to vote for your favorite kid, then you can do so as part of the people’s choice gallery awards. This is decided completely based on voting from people and it includes cash prize too.

While the upload of pictures is for free, you will need to pay a nominal registration to enter your photo for a contest.  Check out their website for more details on application.

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