Best weed eater – Top 3

BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

Sting Trimmer is a tool that is used to cut grass and plants. It is a tool that uses a flexible monofilament line instead of blade. It is really useful tool that can help you to cut grass and other plants conveniently and quite easily. So here, one of the best tools that can help you to get your job done easily is BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer.
The product is designed for cutting efficiency and freedom of cordless grass cutting. Thanks to Black + Decker’s great product that allows you to cut grass even on the hard- to- reach areas where mowers are unable to work. Its amazing PowerDrive Transmission and the powerful motor allow you to get your job done more easily and faster.
This string trimmer uses 40- volt battery in order to ensure longer running time and that can last number of years. It also consists of the Automatic Feed Spool that ensures continuous work without bumping. The best part of this weed eater is that it can be easily converted from trimmer to edger that makes it easy to adjust height and easy to handle.

Best weed eater - Top 3

Black and decker Electric weed eater LCC420 String Trimmer

If you are looking for something that can help you to treat your grass friendly, then here is your thing of interest. I am talking about Black + Decker’s LCC420 String Trimmer and Sweeper that is feature packed and powerful enough to provide you with all the things that you need to keep your lawn and ground presentable.
This string trimmer from Black + Decker consists of the 20 Volts Max Lithium Ion Battery that is powerful enough to carry out trimming of your whole yard and ground. The machine also features LST400 String Trimmer,LSW20 Sweeper, and 4.0ah 20v Max battery pack, a Trimmer Handle, a charger and a guard. The best feature of this string trimmer is that all these components of it have a unique plus that makes it different from all other string trimmers.
The string trimmer is faster, quieter, and more powerful that gets the job done more neat and quick. As mentioned, this weed eater is two in one tool that is it acts as a trimmer and as a sweeper as well. The trimmer cuts all the sideways and driveways for a manicured look while its sweeper easily cleans the debris from hard surfaces for neat look.

GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAX 40V Digipro 14-Inch String Trimmer, 2AH battery powered weed eater

GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAX 40V Digipro 14-Inch String Trimmer, 2AH Battery and Charger Included – Attachment Capable is one of the effective tools that can help you to cut all the weeds and extra grass from your ground to maintain a good looking garden. This tool is the best one that offers a wide range of features and specs with the high- quality earth friendly system.
This system is unique from any other string trimmer in the way that delivers reliable performance with additional 13 compatible tools that offers a complete landscape solution. You can get all your job done with this multi –purpose string trimmer as it works with no gas, no cords and requires zero maintenance.
Whether you need to get your mowing done or you want cutting, this system can make all your jobs faster and easier with its powerful brushless motor series and its lithium ion batteries. This product starts with the instant electric current and is very easy to handle. The best part of this string trimmer is that it is much quieter and far more efficient than any other string trimmer of this price range.

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Best Weed eaters

Lawn makes your house look beautiful. This is possible only when it is free from weeds and shaggy untrimmed walkways. The tall grass and poking up around trees always poses a negative impact on the lookers and also on the house. That is where the string trimmers work.
The modern string trimmers address a wide variety of lawn issues along with the solutions to them to give them a presentable look with better performance and convenience with lesser money.
If you are looking to buy any of the string trimmers from the market, then you need to look at our following buying guide to get the best String Trimmer.

What to Consider When Buying String Trimmers:
Definitely, you do not need any of the expensive or professional string trimmers for your lawn. But surely, you need to have the right one that can do all your required jobs within its justified price.
So for your help to get you the best String Trimmer out of the stock, here is the ultimate buying guide to buy it:
1. Try it Out:
When you are in the shop to buy your string trimmer, the first thing that you need to try is to handle this trimmer in the store to check its balance. You should go for the trimmer that you feel comfortable to adjust and comfortable to reach. You should also need to go for the trimmer that is light in weight with all its weight distributed evenly from top to bottom or slightly heavier at the top. Be sure to check its controls that they work smoothly without any hassle.
2. Mind the Gap:
You need to look for the trimmer that has only a small gap or no gap. As there are many mowers that have a built- in design that allows the tall grass and weeds to stuck out around the cutting head. This all makes the trimmer slower and stall it. So for this, you should go for the string trimmer that offers a protective sleeve between a cutting head and trimmer shaft.
3. Be Safe:
Safety is the other matter of concern that you need to look for. Make sure to look for the trimmer that offers safe to hear sound without affecting your hearing. Most of the string trimmers are safe to use for hearing.
With all these features, you are good to buy.

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