Best vertical jump program – Vert shock real results review

             Vert shock program by Adam Folker review

Are you a basketball player who still cannot make the above average vertical jump? Are you looking for ways to increase the inches of your vertical jump? This best vertical jump program review will show you and also introduce you to vert shock by Adam folker and how it will help you to achieve the vertical jump of 9 to 12 inches- after following the guide.

If you are wondering whether the vert shock by Adam folker actually works to help to increase the vertical jump to nine to twelve inches- yes it does! It is proven and hundreds of basketball player’s have been benefited by the vert shock by Adam folker.

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Why is vertical jump training important?

Vertical jump is one of the crucial talents that is required for a great basket ball player. You may think that- it is one of the naturally acquired talents, rising up so high to make the perfect score to win the basket ball match. Yes, indeed it is one of the qualities that can help you go get distinguished from hundreds other talented basket ball player. It doesn’t matter even if you have got the agility and the speed but the vertical jump that helps you to mark yourself as a distinguished player. Yes it is a naturally acquired talent but did you know that if one is trained in the proper method and rigorously- then making the vertical jump will not be a hard by an easy task? Yes- you can master the vertical jump and make yourself a basketball star. This is where the Adam Folker’s guide and instructions help you to achieve your dream vertical jump and make you a basketball star in no time.

Vert shock review

A guide to help to achieve the best vertical jump – will it work?

Well- if you find it hard to believe- Adam folker himself has added around nine to twelve inches in vertical height. And the best part of the news is that it didn’t take him months but few weeks and days to get the dream vertical jump.

Are you worried that you are not perfect for vertical jump because of the following reasons:

  • Not of adequate height.
  • Have tried most of the other programs to help achieve the vertical height but could not do so?
  • Have never dunked a perfect dunk in your whole life?
  • Skeptical that you will not be able to make the vertical jump?

Well it is time to shrug off those negative views because most of the people has used Adam Folker’s program toachieve the vertical height and they were successful in doing so. Therefore no worries regarding the vertical jump! Now you can use the Adam Folker’s program to achieve the vertical jump.

Did you know that even the most talented basketball player needs perfect regime and exercise to achieve the vertical jump?

This program by Adam Folker is not some simple method less program but a program that is based on the sciences and is designed step by step with the proper regimen and methods on how to increase vertical jump to dunk. This program is more effective than those e-books that you have downloaded- or those exercise that you carry out to achieve the perfect and balanced vertical jump.

So- no worries! If you follow this program perfectly without any slips, you too can make the eager crowd at the basketball court cheer at your perfect dunk.

Best vertical jump program

Vert shock review

Vert shock elite vertical jump training program written by Adam Folker. Why this program is the best vertical jump program of all available in market? First lets see who is Adam.

Who is Adam Folker who designed this program?

  • This program of achieving the perfect vertical jump is a very successful program- if you did not know, Adam Folker is a professional basketball player who has developed this program carefully to help those who dreams to achieve the vertical jump.
  • Adam Folker himself wasn’t a perfect athlete but has achieved the dream of being one through devoted work ethic, strict training and a great passion for being an athlete.
  • Even if he is tall enough- earlier in his life, he could make the perfect vertical jump to touch the backboard- hence, he would get left out at the basketball matches with very minimal time on the basketball court and more time on the benches.
  • Justin “jus fly” Darlington is a professional basketball player who is considered to be the best dunker in the world (Yes- he can make the perfect vertical jump!) has also collaborated with Adam Folker in creating this unique program to help those who want to achieve the perfect vertical jump- to make the perfect dunk!

If you are considering this program by Adam Folker, then you will get:

  • A pre shock phase
  • A shock phase
  • best vertical jump exercises
  • A post shock phase

These three phases can be mastered within eight weeks only! It is quite hard to believe, right? But it is very much possible and actually possible to add those amazing nine to twelve inches to your vertical jump and make your opponents face their nightmare on the basketball court and score those perfect scores to win the match and become the start basketball player in no time!

This vertical jump training program will help you to guide through:

  • How to jump higher for basketball or volleyball easily with good practice.
  • It will help you to guide through your daily routine to increase vertical jump regarding exercises and workouts to jump higher and also training routine.
  • You daily diet- yes, diet is one of the essential part of the program.
  • Time you take to rest etc.

The whole program is digitalized with high quality videos for your convenience. You can easily track your progression throughout the regimen. What this program can do for you to is to provide the perfect and proven technique to attain the perfect vertical jump on time but what you need to do is to put the program in your life in a rigorous manner- otherwise it will not help you. If you do want to become a star basketball player- you need to sacrifice the comfort for the rigorous training required for any basketball player. This program is easy and safe to follow and the best thing about this program is that the coach, Adam folker himself will keep in touch with you to monitor your over all progress for achieving the perfect vertical jump.

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  1. Samuel

    The vert shock program recommended here, helped me a lot in improving my jump height , but not by over night. Some real cool motivating tricks in the program helped me achieve the goal. thanks

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