Best Tactical Flashlight – G700 Brightest and most Powerful flashlight

Best Tactical Flashlight  – G700 Flashlights

Are you looking for a powerful torch, then you should definitely consider looking at the G700 flashlight. These flashlights are built for military purposes. Most of the regular flashlights have a luminous display of a maximum of 400LM. But the G700 flash has a luminous display of 700LM which is extremely powerful. The product is manufactured with aircraft aluminum which makes it rigid and strong which is durable and indestructible. The flashlight was built with rigid edges so that it can also be used like a tactical weapon against a foe.


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The luminous display of the flashlight is made up of revolutionary LED chips instead of the regular LED diodes which is still existent in the usage by the military and NASA. The flashlight has 6 different modes of focus with telescoping range. You can also use the device to send out SOS signals which is also equipped with 1200 hours of lamp life. The lamp is also powered by a rechargeable battery alongside a waterproof body which makes it completely indestructible in every sense. This is a great product that you would never want to miss out on.

FourSevens Gen2:

The gen 2 model is far better than the gen 1 model and many people were happy with the product. The small compact flashlight is extremely powerful and will surely impress you with its luminosity. The compact design will definitely impress you as it did with many customers who found it extremely sleek and compact.  They are extremely powerful since they make use of the LED technology which also helps in saving power. You also get to choose between 4 different modes, so that you can choose the type of output you desire. Many customers used the models before the introduction of the Gen 2 and are also happy about the battery life of the flashlight which can give you around 6.5hrs of full strength battery life.

J5 Tactical Flashlight

The cost of this J5 Tactical Flashlight flashlight also fits your budget. Many customers were excited so that they could experience such a compact yet powerful torch at such an astonishing price. The simple twist technology makes the working of the torch extremely intuitive. The flashlights are built for military purposes and hence they have special features like Strobe, SOS and beacon which can be achieved with 3 twists. These modes are not frequently used and that is why they are properly hidden.

Fenix PD32 Flashlight:

This is another great flashlight if you are looking for a sturdy, military grade flashlight that is not too expensive on your budget. It weighs 5.6 ounces and is extremely compact for its design. It has a sleek design that is built for handling purposes. All of the functions are controlled through thumb controls and the material it is made up is military grade aircraft material. The exterior look is one of the main lookouts that you need to consider. The battery life of this device is also amazing. The batteries can work at a minimum luminosity for 245 hrs and at high intensity for about 2 hrs which is really great. The product has general yet positive reviews and there has been no negative feedback about the product. This is a great product if you are looking to get a new flashlight for yourself. You can use this flashlight for all sorts of purposes and it has easy mechanism to change between modes. You will not find any better flashlight for this budget. So go on and purchase this product if you are in need of a flashlight.

Best Tactical Flashlight  Buying Guide

While you are purchasing a torch, you need to keep in mind a few guidelines and check out these aspects so that you get the right flashlight.

  1. Cost

This is an important aspect you need to take care of if you are getting a torch for yourself. Make sure that you are not overspending and compare the features of the flashlight with other models. It is not always necessary to look out for a good brand. You can also use flashlights that have good reviews on the websites. Make sure to check all brands before blindly choosing one.

  1. Waterproof

Are you going to use your flashlight in the rain or indoors? Is your flashlight at risk near water? If you are using these flashlights near water, you would prefer to purchase a sturdy flashlight that does have a waterproof function. They will definitely be a bit on the expensive side but they will definitely protect your gadget from any form of water creeping into it and spoiling it. So always make sure that you get a waterproof device especially if you are using it in the rains.

  1. Battery Life

Make sure you check the battery life before you purchase the flashlight. Make sure that powerful batteries are used for functioning the device which are rechargeable with lesser recharging time. The average time for a good battery to recharge to its maximum potential is 1 hour. Make sure that the battery life is strong enough to sustain a longer period of time.

  1. Modes

The days of single function torch lights have gone away. There are multiple modes now installed in flashlights that provide you with different options. These modes can be either by twisting the head of the torch or else by using the buttons. Other than the modes of luminous brightness, there are other modes that include strobes, beacons as well as SOS. These modes are mostly included in the functioning of military grade torches.

  1. Material Used

Make sure that the material you use is made from good quality plastic or other durable options. If you want really great durability and strength it is better to use military aircraft material or aluminum.

These are a list of things that you need to take a look at while you are choosing a torch light. Make sure that you go through the complete list before you zero down on purchasing a model.


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