Best Floor Jack Reviews

 Put in plain and simple words, floor jacks and pneumatic equipments which help a lot in moving, transporting and lifting heavy equipment quite easily. They have become integral and important part of our day to operations. It goes a long way in lifting heavy things quite easily. They come in different types, sizes and specifications. One could choose between mechanical jacks or hydraulic jacks. While typically a floor jack has a shaft that is horizontal, they are very commonly used in factories, workplaces, warehouses where there is need to move and lift heavy things. In this article we will have a closer look at the five different varieties of floor jacks. We will have a look at the various specifications, features and also tabulate the various important attributes. We hope it will go a long way in serving as a guide or even as a check list when one is planning to buy these devices for efficient operation of their businesses.

Best Floor Jack

Top 5 Floor Jack Reviews 


JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack


  • With a wonderful rating of 4.5 from this is considered to be a great floor jack.
  • It is very professional and ergonomically designed.
  • Though it is weighs only 49 lbs pounds it can easily handle and lift 2 tons which is simply amazing.
  • It is very suitable for low clearance vehicles.
  • Comes with a maximum saddle height of 19.1/4 inches
  • It can rotate 360 degrees long and therefore very versatile and efficient.
  • It is available at very attractive rates when bought from reputed sites like

If you want a solid jack that is dependable, cost-effective, space saver, and easy to use, JEGS Performance Products 8006 Professional 2-ton Low Profile Aluminum floor Jack is the one you are looking for.

The best in the market

JEGS Performance Products 8006 is one of the lightest aluminum jacks available in the market today, its portability makes is ideal for small vehicles.  Boasting its value, quality, spending a few more dollars makes a good sense in investing in this product.

Good as advertised

The product is a very solid jack that one can use and maneuver easily. Using this, cars can be lifted easily; it has also a precise and smooth operation on lowering the vehicle as well.

Lifting capacity

JEGS Performance Product 8006 can lift up to 2 tons or 4000 pounds of vehicle

Construction material

Weighing only 49pounds, JEGS 8006 is made with Aluminum, a material that makes it lightweight compared to other floor jacks.

Design profile

Sprint Cup’s almost weightless shaft jack inspiredthe design of JEGS 8006.  Although it is made in China, the 26-1/2” long and 14-0” wide chassis has a casterdesign wheels behind and fixed wheels in the front.

The height of the frame is 6” from the ground.  The seat has pads using rubber and can be moved at 360 degrees.  In order to position the jack easily, two side grips are meticulously placed.

Product dimension

JEGS 8006 has a dimension of 31.6 x 14.8 x 7.4 inches.  The height of the thickest part is a little over 6 inches and the highest part where the handle is placed is around 9.5 inches.

Lifting range

Has a minimum range of 3 ½” to a maximum of 19-1/4”

Elevating and reducing the height

As per instruction, JEGS 8006 floor jack has a full lift using 5-6 handle strokes. By simply rotating the handle, one can easily open and close the hydraulic valve.  To further protect the vehicle, the lower portion is padded while the top part has a coarse part to avoid slippage.

Easy operation

With its minimum height, body design,vehicles such asMini Cooper to a Nissan Titan and even a Ford F150 Platinum 4×4 pick-up truck, LEGS 8006 can handily pushup any corner of the vehicle without having any problem.  With just 5 – 6 pumps, it can lift up to 4000 tons of vehicle without the fear of breakage.All you need to do is turn the handle when lowering the jack from a lifted position.

Guide for the first use

In assembling the product, the jack comes with two handles that can be snapped together easily and inserted into the jack.

The jack would not pump up easily and would require few more pumps to remove internal oil intake areas. Though the instruction said that it only need a few pumps, just continue pumping until you remove the internal oil intake and the successive jobs would be easier.


All you have to do is disassemble the handle and you can store it. It can be kept in a toolbox in the back of the vehicle.

Even if the product is made in China, the product is good and JEGS racing customers are recommending since it is patterned from the Sprint Cup’s lightweight jack.

Return Policy

If the customer is not completely satisfied with the purchase, JEGS will accept within one year a new/unused item in its original box, with a copy of the invoice for a return/exchange.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity


A high quality floor jack, the Arcan ALJ3T can lift even low clearance 3-ton vehicles. ALJ3T is a decent product that works securely and can lift vehicles at full height without any problem.

  • Coming from the house of Arcan there is no doubt that this Floor Jack offers a number of features.
  • It weighs only 56 pounds but can easily handle weight up to 3 tons.
  • It also comes with dual pump pistons which help in rapid rising action.
  • The piston dust helps a lot to prevent hydraulic contamination.
  • It also has additional and reinforced lift arm. This helps a lot in increasing torsion of chassis, strength and also in enhanced durability.
  • The presence of overload and bypass valves help a lot in over extension of hydraulic ram and the jack can work well above the rated capacity.

Important features

It only weighs 56 pounds or 25.4 kilograms

  • Materials

Almost a-100% aluminum, the sides have thick frame plates and can lift up to 6000 pounds. Unlike ALJ3T, other floor jacks lifting 3 tons are made from steel and obviously heavier than this.

  • Lifting capacity.

The floor jack can lift up to 3 tons of vehicles.

  • Can easily equipvehicles with clearance as low as 3.77 inches from the ground
  • Range

The product can lift vehicles as low as 3-3/3 inches to a maximum height of 18-1/8 inches

  • Powered by its double pump pistons, the product promises a fast lifting force
  • Metals wheels that last

As a lightweight floor jack, one can easily maneuver and transport the product. The saddle is made up of soft rubber, it protects underneath the vehicle, but has the possibility of being damaged after a few uses.

Even if it is equip by dual piston, it will take about 12 complete movements to entirely lift the vehicle.  Though it takes that long, compared to other floor jacks, the effort required is lesser than the others.  The jack extends fully with limited pumps as long as the user makes a full pump of the product.

ALJ3T worked perfectly even for Do-it-yourself individuals who repair their car.

Though the product is not a US made, it has a very high quality performance with a delicate gentle release.

Customers also tried raising their old model racing cars and the product fits it well.  The lift remains positioned even at its 100 % full height.

The ALJ3T is a real dollar saved since the product can last for a long period without bargaining or changing its performance.

An improved version of ALJ2T, the product satisfies the lightweight features and the 3-ton capacity lifts feature.

Though the product is sometimes described as a pricey one, most customers are satisfied with its performance and with a great lifting and lowering function.

A precise low profile vehicle lift, it works great even on heavy vehicles. Basing on its function, it has superior quality.  Compared with other products, it’s a product worth buying since the wheels roll smoothly, the body can fully support the vehicle without any fear of dropping and even damaging it.

ALJ3T can be easily rolled and operated, even an amateur can fully apply and use the product without any problem.

A tough tool to use, the floor jack is of good quality and cost efficient.

The manufacturer should improve the pads where the vehicle is placed since it can easily be torn after a number of uses.  Though the pad does not affect the full performance of the floor jack, might as well improve it so that it can continuously protect the vehicle from damage or creases once in contact with the product.


The 2-piece shaft is a positive feature that makes the product easy to store.

International compliance

The ALJ3T complies with the 2009 ASME PALD Standards.

Always remember that when using for the first time, one has to pump a little more than instructed and should check the hydraulic fluid level.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction, especially pumping it first in order to let the air out of the product.  Don’t tighten too much the bleeder so that you can easily unscrew it in letting the car down.


Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack – 2 Ton Capacity


In getting the right tool for the job, one has to consider many factors first before buying. Though price is a main factor, users should also consider the durability and quality of the product.

  • Another wonderful floor jack coming from the house of Arcan.
  • It has big 2 ton lifting and moving capacity
  • It weighs only 50.4 pounds
  • It is a one of the few two stage quick lift floor jacks in the market.
  • It can lift to a maximum of 19-1/4 inches.
  • It is one of the few floor jacks that meets and exceeds the ASMI/ANSI standards apart from meeting PALD standards.
  • It also comes with the best of after sales service and support standards

Arcan ALJ2T 2 Ton Aluminum Floor jack is a tool you need if you are looking for a reliable floor jack while you are repairing your vehicle.

Do it yourself jack

A professional floor jack, this is good for homeowners and those tryingto repair their own vehicles.This fair price jack is a handy tool most especially for car enthusiasts.

As a big man’s toy, the product impresses the customer that it can easily lift 4000 tons of vehicles without the fear of falling andbreaking it.

Product description



Lightweight and powerful

Can be considered a high quality jack, beautifully designed ALJ2T jack weighs only 50 pounds and can be carried around easily.  This extraordinary jack is a good thing to consider if you have the budget for a long-lasting and dependable material for your vehicles.



Dressed in anodized aluminum, the lightweight jack can be stored under the vehicles and can easily fit in the vehicle storage.

Minimum and maximum height

A superb choice for a floor jack, it can elevate from 3-1/2 inches to 19-1/4 inches.

Safety features

For precision placement, behind wheels were manufactured with caster swivel-designed ball bearing while the front has two casters who are fixed.

The handgrip is protected with paddle in order to safeguard the vehicle repairing.

Pads on the saddle are good and should not be contacted with the cramped metal on the vehicle.

It can easily be stuffed because of its quick locking feature that can be broken down in less than a minute.

Even working in small spaces, the Arcan ALJ2T can be very helpful since it can be easily manipulated.


International standards

The product meets or even exceeds the standards of ANSI/ASME and PALD.

Easy to carry

Arcan ALJ2T is so easy to carry can be repositioned quickly with its notable handle mounts on the side.


The overall dimensions are 30 x 14 x 7.5 inches.  Its thick sides serve as a support base while the strengthened part for lifting assures that it could easily lift up to a maximum level of 19.25 inches.

Top features

Customers who bought the product describe that its construction and its rapid lift function are its top features that make it withstand the other floor jacks available in the market at the same price.

The product works well in lifting low vehicles as long as it is not more than 8 inches from the rim of the vehicle. It also works well in rough garages or driveways since it can roll comfortably on these surfaces.

The structure is intelligently engineered without any creases or irrelevant parts.


Arcan ALJ2T is made in China, butthere is no indication that it has a low performance. As compared to other US made products, its quality is competitive at a lower price.


This is bulky to stock since the handle is designed to remain attached to the product.Make sure that the product is being stored in a horizontal position.


Customers should make sure that the floor jack must enter underneath the vehicle and the height it can lift must be reasonably higher in order to access easily for repairs and other works. One should also take into consideration the weight of the vehicle they are going to lift with this jack.


Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity


  • It is one of the few Floor Jacks which can handle 3.5 ton capacity easily.
  • Weighs around 85 lbs which is very decent when compared to its weight lifting capacity.
  • Over pumping is prevented by bypass device.
  • Comes with internal safety valve which increases safety quite significantly
  • Also comes with rolled side frames. They go a long way in adding ruggedness, rigidity and strength to the entire Floor Jack Lifter.
  • Very competitively priced with the best of after sales service facilities.

Heavier, even better

Boasting its 3-1/2 ton (7,000 lbs.) capacity service, the Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Lift Service Jack features the unique design of fast technology to the jacking point without any problem.  This product can easily be positioned under cars, truck or even SUV. Owners of Jeep Grand Cherokee are proud to commend the product since it offers convenience while working on your car parts.  Lifting is not an issue since it promises an easy and quick performance.

Product features


It has a rotating saddle that helps provide easy positioning and safety for the users.


Heavy at 85 pounds, the Blackhawk B6350 lifts load slowly once it is loaded.  Compared to its lightweight adversaries, by using the product, one can maneuver around the work area without any sweat.

Welding parts

Parts are thoroughly welded that makes it solid and the finishing touches are well -polished and creased free.

From top to bottom, this product posses a high quality of work since its pump handles can be easily connected and disconnected from the  main item.


The product has a dimension of 30.1 x 15.8 x 6.9 inches

The maximum height from the ground is 20.5 inches and the minimum is 5.5.

The rapid pump element is a convenience factor that customers are really considering before acquiring the product.

The product comes with oil, but needs to check on the first use since some customers reported that the product they received lacks the hydraulic fluid in the jack.

The color attracts the buyers’ attention and is a positive factor that adds to its aesthetic value.


The product has a deep-seated safety valve for security purposes in case the user pumps too much.  Manufacturers, assured that BlackHawk B6350 is strong that even the sides are secured to lessen the chance of accident twisting during the operation.

Some products in the market lack pads on the grips that make it dangerous to use. Blackhawk B6350 flawlessly padded their handles to protect your vehicle in case of an accidental contact with the jack.

Blackhawk B6350 should only be used in moving the vehicle around the floor and not using it to move and bring the vehicle somewhere else.


Due to its hefty form, the product can last and remain reliable for years. With 7000 lbs of vehicle your jack is loading, it can hold the weight without any pressure on its parts.

Its construction provides the safe use and remains durable for a long time.

Blackhawk B6350 is a great tool to invest in, not to mention that it comes with a very reasonable price.


Blackhawk B6350’s former manufacturing company, Banner and Hein Werner were purchased by Shinn Fu America Corporation and transferred the production in China.


The product is less than $200 and can be considered an average player in the market. With the performance and the lowtag price, disappointment for this product is really out of the question.

With its capacity to lift such heavy weights, the Blackhawk B6350 lift service jack is an unimaginable product given its style at a very reasonable price.

Things to remember

In case you want to conserve the product, just simply detach the arm from the jack to save space.

Before buying the product, do check if the Blackhawk B6350 is compatible with your vehicle.  Others are having issues on the differences between the height of the product and the vehicle.  Check if your vehicle has a clearance level that can be operated by this product.

OTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack

 An impressive, lightweight aluminum-racing jack, the OTC 1532 can lift vehicles up to 2 tons.

  • It is a product from OTC which is famous for some of the best Floor Jacks.
  • Can accommodate five pumps and rise to a maximum height of 18 inches.
  • Extremely suitable for ground hugging cars because of its low ground profile.
  • Comes with a removable rubber saddle to protect vehicle while being lifted and also prevents slipping when the vehicle is being lifted.
  • It also comes with a unique 45 inch two piece handle. It can easily be snapped together making set up quite easy and user friendly
  • 43 pounds in weight
  • It can easily lift two tons.

Product description


For a racing jack that can lift with a maximum weight of 4000 pounds of vehicle, the 43-pound weight is really a steal.   Other jacks which can lift the same tons usually come around 49-52 pounds. OTC1532 is a really a light one.


Premium Aircraft aluminum materials were used for the construction of this racing jack. Compared to steel jack, the aluminum composition of this makes it superb and easy to carry and use.


28.7 x 13.2 x 7.2 inches

Other technical specifications

18 inches power raise

25 inches chassis length

2 casters

1-2/42 and 2” caster wheel diameter

Pump required to reach maximum height

A minimal effort is needed because it requires only 5 complete pumps to reach the maximum 18-inch level from the ground


The product meets the ANSI PALD requirement, Part 10


The stands are enormous success since it has a pin for locking in place.  This pin helps the vehicle safe.

Since the product is a low profile racing jack, vehicles with low clearance can be lifted from 3 – ½ inches and can reach a maximum level of more than 18 inches.

Allen bolts and c-clips are used to clasp the product that makes it easier to maintain and use in repairing your vehicle.

Perfect for great performance vehicles, it has no faulty cylinder; neophyte can assemble and use the product without any confusion.

Racing car drivers commend the product because of its low profile feature, almost weightless as compared to other floor jack. A regular oil and parts check up is a must to make sure the of its continuous best performance level. Once taken care of, the product can last for a long time.

A customer also stated that since he won track championships for two years in a row and his preferred racing jack is the OTC 1532.

The long handle is a plus factor since the user will need not lean under the vehicle when pumping the vehicle.


For light carrying and quick storing, the 45” side mounted handles are connected and disconnected for easy set up.

Since it can easily be disassembled, the OTC1532 can be stored at the back of the car or even in your garage without accumulating a lot of space. It’s designed to be stored with a specific wall mount that can be bought separately.

A racing jack created to be maneuvered easily, the padded rubber saddle protects the vehicle for any damage or breakage and also prevent that it will slip from the jack.

A good racing jack for traveling, OTC 1532 is compact and can be stored easily in the vehicle.

OTC 1532 is ideal for shops and automotive repairs that are dealing with lower clearance cars, trucks due to its performance as fast and secure lifting capacity.

Since the product is a very light one and can be stored, OTC1532 is a good choice if you want to have one in your garage.

This product is manufactured in Taiwan and has the OTC’s Lifetime Marathon Warranty.  The lifetime warranty puts the OTC 1532 at a different level; this means that the manufacture can surely say that their product can last for years without having problems if proper precautionary measures are applied while using and even on storing it.


How To Choose The Right Type Of Floor Jack       


Since there are so many types of floor jacks available in the market that at times it is quite normal for users to get confused about the type of jacks to buy. Hence, the first starting point is to have a clear idea about the purpose for which it will be used. This will help a lot in zeroing in on the right jack after being clear about the purpose. For example there are floor jacks which are used to life tires from cars for replacing. These are basic models and hence they may not be suitable for lifting bulkier and heavier consignments like cars on the whole, finished products stores in warehouses and much more.

Important To Choose The Right Type


When it comes to floor jacks there are basically two options to choose from. One could go in for hydraulic jacks or choose pneumatic jacks. Both have their unique properties and for use in warehouses and other such places hydraulic jacks are always better choices. The weight which you will be handling also has a big role to play when one is going in for a jack. They are available in different sizes and specifications and you might have to go in for some researching and performing the due diligence processes before settling for one.

Always Go For Branded Floor Jacks


Though there could be unbranded jacks and they could also be available at much lower prices, it makes much better sense to opt for branded models. This is because they will be of much better quality and more importantly the service standards will be better and in line with specific needs and requirement of customers.

It is also important to decide between trolley jacks and scissor jacks. Though the main objectives are the same there are some basic differences which must be taken into account before parting with the money. Trolley jacks are more sought after because they can be easily moved around. On the other hand when one chooses scissor jacks, they can be very useful when there is a need lift much heavier weight and for longer heights.


In fine it is extremely important to review, research and then buy floor jacks. Once the right one has been bought, they can help a lot in giving the right services for a long period of time.

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