Best flat iron

Commercial models with straight hairs made men and women envy how they achieved that overwhelming everyday look. As a crowning glory, hair can be styled in different manners and choices are infinite.  If you are those with straight hairs, sometimes you want to have wavy lengths and even curly ones.  Those with curly or even kinky hair, wish to have their hair straight from one time or another.

Best flat iron

Earlier, hair straighteners were mostly used in professional salons.  To have a nice looking hair, men and women needed to visit parlorsfor their hair.  During the 1990’s, commercial flat irons were made available to everybody.  Today, almost every home has theirs and even has an extra flat iron for their travel.

The following are the top five best selling flat irons on the market today.

  1. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
  • This flat iron has a one-inch ceramic tourmaline plate.
  • Whether your hair is fine, thick or dull, this works best on all hair types.
  • It comesWith a one-inch ceramic tourmaline plates.
  • The flat iron does wonders not only for hair straightening but also for flipping and curling your hair depending on the style that you want.
  • It easily transforms your dull crimped hair to a well-polished, full of life crowning glory
  • Depending on your needs, the different heat settings can help you control the temperature.

  1. BaByliss Pro-Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron
  • This has a rheostat technology feature that helps control the temperature better.
  • The plates are 4-inches long that are made of ceramic.
  • For narrow portions of hair such as bangs and those with undercuts, the one-inch wide porcelain plates are convenient to use.
  • This model has a quick heat recovery for quick use.
  • For tangle-free operation, it has a8-foot swivel cord that makes it easy to use.
  1. ISA Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic
  • The ceramic plates of this model are 100% tourmaline made for fast heat transfer.
  • The model features an LCD Display with a neon background.
  • The ISA professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener has an easy to control digital temperature that ranges from 175°-450° Fahrenheit.
  • Unlike other flat iron, the model can straighten, curl or wave hair in no time at all.
  • Attached is a 360-degree cord for a tangle free activity.
  • This salon professional product offers a 2 year-warranty.
  1. BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron
  • For an extraordinary conduction of heat, this has Nano titanium plates.
  • It doesn’t damage the hair as it emits negative ions and with ultimate infrared heat for quick and tender hair straightening.
  • This has temperature settings in LED that can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The 5-inches long plates help in easy straightening and hair styling without having any hand fatigue.
  • The flat iron is ultra-thin and lightweight that works best with frizzy and curly hair.
  1. Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener
  • Made with anti-static feature, this 1 inch long flat iron has ceramic plates.
  • Temperature can be digitally controlled reaching a maximumof 410° Fahrenheit.
  • The floating plates have 30-second heat up and automatic shut off after one hour when not in use for security purposes.
  • The purple color adds glam to this hair straightener.
  • The hinge lock is a plus factor for secure storing.

With lots of models in mind, shopping for a flat iron becomes complicated. Depending on your necessity, you must take into consideration for how long a flat iron will serve you.  Here are some of the factors to consider in buying one:

Plate width

Flat irons have different plate width.  From one inch to five inches, different models have different lengths that are appropriate for specific hair length.  If you have a short hair now, you must also consider that hairstyle can vary and you might want to have a longer hair in time.

Temperature settings

Some flat irons have only three sets of temperature: low, medium and high.  Nowadays, more models offer different temperature setups in terms of Fahrenheit that you can adjust depending on your necessity.  Be careful with  the temperature: too hot can damage your hair, too cold leaves your hair dull.


Flat irons are not only meant for hair straightening.  There are wide selections of styles depending on the brand.  It is better to check if your flat iron choice can do more than having a straight hair.  Some can give curls, waves and even do a sleek ponytail hairstyle.


Ceramic, aluminum, nano-titanium are some of the plate coverings available in the market today.  Before selecting one of these technologies, you must also take into consideration the type of your hair.  If you have difficulty in straightening your hair, maybe it’s better to choose the nano-titanium.  This can straighten up your hair up to 40% easily.  Flat irons with ceramic component provide silky and straight hair.  Those with tourmaline coating leave a glossier and shinier hair.


Some flat irons have an automatic shut off.  This safety feature must also be given a special attention as sometimes we tend to be forgetful with little things.  Even when the flat iron is plugged, the automatic shut off feature functions after minutes or an hour of not using the device.  Overheating flat iron can be a cause of the fire.


A good flat iron must be of service to you for the next ten years or more.  If you try to skimp on the price, you are making a big mistake.  Most lightweight flat irons with better components are sold at a higher price.  Before splurging, read reviews about flat iron, they are real experiences from costumers that can help you with your choice.

Ask your stylist

No one can give you a better recommendation than your stylist.  He or she knows what kind of hair you have and what is best for you.


When buying a flat iron, it is better to check if it has a warranty.  Some manufacturers honor the warranty if you have bought yours in a professional salon.

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