Best Fidget spinner

You are probably quite familiar with the stress balls and the stress relieving desk toys. These have now become the instruments of the past as their place is now being occupied by the Fidget toys, a more stylish and slightly expensive way to dispense your abundance energy or anxiety.

The Fidget spinners made their debut in the year 2016 and are truly a boon to those who suffer from ADHD or any kind of anxiety disorder or even those who are finding themselves struggling with nervous energy. However, they have become equally popular with others as well for it can even be used for simply playing around.

Best Fidget spinner

What is the hoopla all about spinner fidget toy?

If we have to compare the fidget spinners to some familiar toys, you can say it is a combination of hula hoop, Frisbee and Yo Yo. The spinner has to be held by the center or with the spoke, depending on the model and you have to spin it around in your hands. They can be perfect diversion you need for your nervous mind and anxious fingers. The spinner has a ball bearing in the center and the spin times and the quality of the spin is dependent on the quality of the bearing you use.

The different types

Every fidget spinner is different in design, in the material that is used, etc. however they eventually serve the same purpose, acting as a let out for your abundance nervous energy. You can find fidget spinners in brass, titanium, steel and copper as well. With no actual noise about them, they can be played anywhere without worrying about bothering us. There are also wooden spinners and the life of these spinners depends on varied factors like their material of construction. There are spinners that come only with one bearing and those that come with three bearings, while it is easy to use the former, the latter might be a little tough to use. Of course, if you are going for the classic 3D printed spinners, you might save on the cost but then you might be losing out on quality of the spinners.

Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer – Perfect For ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult Children

When it comes to choosing the best fidget spinner, you have to take multiple aspects into consideration which includes the fact whether it is for children or adult. The Giggle Hands fidget spinner is best suited for the adult children. Ergonomically designed to give a better grip to the hands, the spinner is designed for a longer period of use. You can either use both or simply one hand with these Fidget spinners from Giggle hands. You just have to flick the spinner and enjoy spinning it for hours together. The spinner additionally comes with a free magnetic holder SMRT for your mobile phones.

Features of the Giggle Hands Fidget spinner
  • Features steel balls of the best quality with 608 skate bearings to make your spin smooth.
  • There is no need for any kind of maintenance or oiling even after continued usage.
  • The bearings can be removed and can be upgraded as required in future and customize it to your design.
  • There is no edge sanding or 3D printing or any kind of cheap material used in the making of this fidget spinner
  • The ABS construction ensures a sturdy and durable build and the edges are rounded perfectly for the best spin experience.
  • The button has a complimentary cover to keep it free of dust when not in use.
  • The spinner can be used either with one hand or both depending on the need of the hour.
  • Suitable for all those who suffer from anxiety disorder, autism, ADHD or any other kind of attention disorder issues.
  • Can also help those who want to quit smoking or nail biting for it keeps your hand occupied while giving you the perfect vent for the nervous energy.
  • The spin can easily last up to 3 minutes or more depending on how well you spin it.


  • There have been scattered complaints on the quality of the bearings and quality of the spinner itself. However these are scattered and quite a few customers do find it to live to its promise. What we can derive from this is that you need to be wary on where you buy the product from. Always buy from a trusted seller to ensure that you get a new and the right product.
  • You may have to apply oil initially to the bearings for the same to work seamlessly. Again this is not the case all the time.
  • There are a few mention of the spinner being quite noisy.

If you are looking for a product for a beginner, especially for the children who are adapting to fidget spinners for the first time, then the Giggle hands Fidget spinner works out as a great starting point. The product lives up to its claims in terms of its working. However, if you have already been using fidget toys, then you might want to check out some of the higher end versions for a better spin experience.

The concept behind Fidget spinners are still relatively new when you compare with other stress relieving toys like stress balls. However, this also means that there is still a lot of potential that is undiscovered and we can expect many more interesting designs in the near future. The fidget spinners have so far managed to garner undulating attention. They are quite addictive and effective in terms of keeping your attention and have been gathering a lot of positive feedback.

There are various fidget spinners in the market. You can choose the spinner based on your expectations, your usage hours, and the purpose behind using it. The best are the ones that require no maintenance and hence are easy to use even by children. You can always get a spinner from the free giveaways by the manufacturing companies to try them for free and then decide on the best one for you.

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