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Music is one thing that everyone loves whether it might be from different genres. And in order to hear this music, one must play them using devices that convert them into sound. These sounds from songs or any media are produced by speakers and are played in different places like home and car. Car audio plays a role in the amusement of the car owners/drivers.

Best Car SpeakersCar enthusiast or even the regular drivers enjoy the sound of a high-quality car audio system. A high quality car audio system would produce sound that would suit the like and preference of the owner or driver. And in choosing the best speakers that will produce quality sound, different technical and personal matters should be considered. Choosing the right speakers would take an effort in observing and analyzing the considerations with regards the users’ preferences as a listener, and even the car’s interior specifications.

There are a lot of speakers that are offered in the market and if not careful, a person could waste time, effort, and cash buying something that is not worth their spending.For someone to search individual brands and units might take a longer time and effort. But in order for the users to save time searching for these products, we have listed the best speakers for car audio system.

Here are the speaker brands and units that made the top of our list.

1. Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5 Inch Two-Way Speakers with 260 Watts Max Power

  • It is surrounded by Butyl rubber material with 1 1/8 inch of soft dome magnetic fluid and neodymium.
  • Has a full bass response and a structure of a rear chamber tweeter
  • Its two way speakers are measured at 6 1/2 inch with 260 maximum watts of power handling.
  • It features dual layer IMX aramid basalt fiber composite cone material.
  • Provides a D-series model that brings advanced sound engineering and powerful audio system.
  • Its product dimensions encompass 15 x 5 x 7.5 inches and weighs 6 pounds.

Make your driving more enjoyable with this Pioneer car speaker!

Pioneer TSD1602R is a 6.5-inch speaker that can deliver a 260-watts of maximum power in your car.  This 2-way car speaker combines innovation and materials that suit in your vehicles audio need without sacrificing the quality. This 2-way coaxial design can fit most vehicles.


Made from basalt fiber, it is durable with its solid manufactured woofers.  The first of its kind, with the basalt fiber as composition, the speaker is almost lightweight yet rigid and strong.  The cone is made up of Dual Layer IMX (Injection Molded Matrix) Aramid/Basalt fiber and is tested to pass interchanging temperature and climate.


It has 12dB/Octave HPF and LPF built-in that helps in improving the sound quality from low to mid and to high frequencies.  Capacitors and inductors are protected with clear acrylic.


The speaker has 88dB sensitivity.

Ohm Rating

Pioneer TSD1602R has a 4-ohm rating.

The speaker can pick up the littlest sound produced from the music you played.  You can clearly hear effects, bass, and even background music, even at a minimum volume.

Power Handling

520 watts per pair or 260 watts each at its peak

120 watts per pair or 60 watts each for RMS

Not only for cars

Consumers have proven that the Pioneer TSD1602R is also exceptional on trucks and other vehicles. Dubbed as one of the best car stereos, this too functions well in truck and other large vehicles.

Less distortion

The full-range speaker is a good replacement to the factory-installed car speaker.  It produces a clear crisp sound via its 6.5 inch speakerwith a frequency response of 35-32000 Hz.  For a fuller bass performance, the speaker is mounted on a full depth basket design to capture and produce all necessary sounds.

Pioneer TSD1602R has waveguide control to best generate the sound inside your car.  It also has a good tweeter diaphragm is V-shaped form for better sound performance.

Open and Smooth concept

As a premier car speaker in the market, it introduces an open and the smooth sound concept.

  • The staging and characteristics of sound produced enriched the widening effect of the sound that fills other than the space between sound speakers.
  • Transition between mid-bass and tweeter encounters no problem, as the sound remains crisp and smooth even on crossovers.


The PioneerTSD1602R two-way speakers can be installed easily in your vehicle.  You can easily replace the old car speakers as the product comes with instruction manual.  If preferred, aside from connecting the speaker to your stereo, you can also connect it to an amplifier to produce a better sound.

Make sure it fits

Though the product can be used for lots of different types of vehicles, make sure that Pioneer TSD1602R fits your vehicle needs.  Customers, who purchased it, adjusted the speaker’s position in their vehicle and also produced the same clear sound.  They attested that the important factor in buying the product is the superior sound production.  It maintains the sound quality even after adjustments have been made.

Relax and soothing sound

Even if music is played with a higher volume, the smoothness of the sound remains, and creates a relaxing and soothing sound to the listener.  There are no distortions;live concerts can be heard clearly without getting into the passenger’s nerves.

2. JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

  • A woofer cone with an advanced built Patented plus One technology.
  • Have a true sound crossover, quality home theater audio system, 3 way loudspeakers and the tweeter is made up of Mylar titanium and can be adjusted.
  • Has 180 watts handling for peak power and 2 ohm of impedance.
  • The product dimensions of JBL are 10 x 9 x 8 inches and weighs 5 pounds.
  • The Intermount III provides an easy to install mount system
  • With built-in crossover networks having low and high pass filters.

One of the most economical yet best performing car speakers, the JBL GTO638 has the 92db sensitivity rating and a 200 watts power handling at the same time. This Coaxial Grand Touring car speaker integrates technology and fine listening in one.

Battery requirement

One (1) 12V batteries

The JBL GTO638 is a perfect car speaker that features the top of the line JBL’s Plus One woofer cone, tweeters and a crossover network. The audio quality of this speaker is one of the best since the mid-range driver and high-end tweeter produces a balanced audio ranging from drumbeats, piano and even vocals.

It’s 92dB sensitivity rating is one of its important feature since it measures the speaker’s response to the power.  When there is no balance between the power and speaker, it produces a rattling sound that is not suitable to one’s ear.  Through this, music can be played at a high volume without damaging the sound or producing any distortions.

The 3-way design of the JBL GTO638 offers a true and crisp quality sound.

Tweeter Level

This product can fit on a normal car speaker.  Make sure that you adjust tweeters depending on your preference for a better music production.  The great thing about JBL GTO 638 is that you can adjust the tweeter level towards the listener for a better car sound.

Made up of Mylar and Titanium otherwise known as My/Ti, the speaker has a minimum weight, yet can resist extreme weather changes and is durable.  This offers efficiency at a higher power handling without having any distortion or noises.


The primary factor of this speaker is that it produces a clear sound.  This speaker produces a sound in high volume without destroying the clarity and quality of the sounds.  This can also get sound from a small frequency range together with the adjustment of sound bass.

3. Pioneer TS-A1675R 6-1/2″ 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers

  • A 3 way car speaker that contains a mica matrix with a multilayer cone.
  • With a 6.5 inch speakers, having a maximum power of 300 watts.
  • The product dimensions for this car speaker have 13.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 inch and weighs 3.1 pounds.
  • It is surrounded by an elastic polymer, lightweight and designed with a new grille.
  • Its voice coil wire is heat resistant, durable and can withstand powerful voltage electricity from the outlet.

This is a 6.5-inch 3-way car speaker that offers a supreme performance.  Part of the Pioneer A-Series speakers, the Pioneer TS-A1675R combines lightweight, economical and high quality sound that surpasses any car speakers available in the market that falls under this category.


The Pioneer TS-A1675R is made up of multilayer mica matrix cone that offers lightweight and rigid product that can last for a long time.  The surface is made up of mica while other layers are composed of water-resistant and light materials for a superior quality sound.

The voice coil wire is made up of heat resistant materials that can resist high input power for a long period.

One of the online bestsellers of car speakers, the Pioneer TS-A1675R has a power handling capacity of up to 300 watts.

While playing music, one can choose from middle to full range sound without annoying distortions on the background and on the music itself.


It has 4-ohm impedance that monitors the power and speaker level handling at a very reasonable range.

Power range

5-50 watts RMS with 300 watts on its peak power

Detailed sound at its best

By using the Pioneer TS-A1675R car speaker, you can easily listen to music, background aspects and even live concerts in their natural sound. There will be no more murmuring of words and sounds while this car speaker is in use.


The speaker has a sound sensitivity of 90dB

Frequency response

The response ranges from 37 to 25,000 hertz.

Change your factory-installed speaker

The factory-installed speakers are surely made from inferior materials,unlike the car speakers bearing brand names.  You can still listen to your music using the old speakers.  Car speakers like the Pioneer TS-D1602R that comes at an economical price, you should not think twice in changing yours. Notice that with this product, you can hear sound at its best, cleaner and clearer than the factory-installed.  This car speaker requires a 5 inches cut-out dimension.


Pioneer TS-A1675R can be easily installed in your vehicle.  There is no need to drill or additional brackets in installing the product.

This can be connected directly to your car stereo or to amplifiers adaptable in your vehicle.   Take note that amplifiers must not be too big for the car for it may produce too loud music that might harm the listeners’ ears.

More than musicexperience at its finest

With Pioneer TS-A1675R, you are assured that you can hear more than music. Guitar strum, drumbeats and even sound effects will be heard clearly.  These sounds are usually hidden with low quality car speakers.  Using this car speaker, everything will soothe your ears without any distortions. There will be no more sound scratches the next time you play music in your car.

Aesthetic design

An added feature in your car’s appearance, the Pioneer TS-A1675R comes with a new grille design that looks best.

Fits most vehicles

Pioneer TS-A1675R is suited to cars, even on other type of vehicles.  Before purchasing the product, check if it fits your vehicle need. In case the manufacturer said that this doesn’t fit yours, costumers tried adjusting the position of the speaker in installation so they can use it in the vehicle.  Adjustments made do not affect its over-all performance and sound quality.

4. Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps 6.5-Inch Performance Series Component Speaker System

  • Contains 280 watts peak input power, a frequency response ranging from 63Hz up to 24 kHz.
  • Has an injected polypropylene cone designed with the diamond array pattern
  • Its crossover network is built with advanced technology.
  • The product dimension of this speaker has a 19.5 x 9 x 19.5 inches and weighs 6.2 pounds.
  • It is a cordless device and contains a one 12 volt batteries.

For a car speaker that cost less than $100, Kenwood KFC-P709PS is highly recommended.  With an advance crossover system, this iscomponent speaker system that blends sounds from low to high, without hurting your ears and nerves with drumbeats and other background sounds.  Part of the Kenwood Performance Series speakers, the car speaker is designed above the average vehicle audio system.



  • Surrounded by rubber materials and a diaphragm with injection p.p cone.
  • Basket is made up of steel in black color
  • Magnet is of Ferrite composition


  • Soft dome diaphragm
  • 25mm in size
  • Magnet is made of Neodymium


Kenwood KFC-P709PS has a Diamond Array Pattern design on its woofer: an added beauty to your vehicle.

Frequency response

It can cater 63-24000 Hz frequencies.


This car speaker has a sensitivity of 86dB.


4 ohms

The product has a peak power of 280 watts and has a RMS Power of 80 watts.  The advance crossover frequency is 4.9 Hz.

Battery requirement

One(1) -12V battery

Component speakers for your car

The component speaker system like the Kenwood KFC-P709PS is a sure addition to your car as it gives a superb performance for your audio requirement.  Consists of woofers, speaker and crossovers, all comes separately, it is designed to give a full frequency range.    The bass performance is of high quality that will not damage the ears of the listeners.

Why separately

If the three components were prepared separately, they will perform high quality sounds without damaging the car audio system

The woofer can be freely moved for a better sound, while tweeter can be placed in spots closer to listener’s ears while separate crossover filter wires for a full-range and best performance of your speaker.

Made from polypropylene and rubber, the product will give your car better sound for a long time.

The product is water-resistant and can surely adapt drastic climate or weather change.

Good replacement

The Kenwood KFC-P709PS is an excellent replacement to your pre-installed car speaker.  The quality of this car speaker makes a big difference from the old speaker once installed.  This is adaptable to the 6.5-inch size requirement for the car speaker.

Crisp sound without distortions

This component speaker is carefully engineered to deliver a high quality sound.  It plays music in your vehicle clearly and without any undesirable noises.  Sounds coming from your stereo are all natural, from background effects, music to live concerts, no doubt, you can just sit in your car and stay relaxed with comforting music.

Value for the money

The Kenwood KFC-P709PS is one of the best in the budget component for car speakers.  Customers proved that it has clear sound and even at a higher volume, the audio remains crisp and clean without any audiophile issues. This entry-level component system for car speaker will pump your music and not your nerves while listening inside your vehicle.

It adjusts the clarity of the sound as the volume goes up and down.

Tested to last for a long period, you are not wasting your money in buying this product.  The Kenwood KFC-P709PS can be your everyday company while travelling in your car or any other vehicles that fits it.


The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty and with a 60-day money back guarantee should you decide that this product is not good for your needs.

5. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1693 6 x 9-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

  • It has a frequency response ranging from 48Hz up to 22 kHz having 89 dB sensitivity.
  • Contains a 3 way speaker, having 120 watts that performs a maximum power handling.
  • It has a built-in tweeter including a high-pass filter.
  • The cone is made up of mica injected polypropylene and surrounded by foam.
  • Consists of a Mylar tweeter in balanced dome measuring 1/2 inch and a Mylar midrange measuring 1.75 inches.
  • The product dimension of Rockford Fosgate measures 16.4 x 4.9 x 11.5 inch and weighs 8 ounces.

Want to have a low-cost, three-way car speaker that outdates all other competitors in the market? The Rockford Fosgate Prime P1693 is the answer.

This product, promises to deliver strong bass and drums to your car audio system, the woofer is made up of mica-injected polypropylene that produces a clean, crisp sound at the same time.

A part of the Prime series full-range car and component speakers, the Rockford Fosgate Prime P1693 is an entry-level car stereo system that fulfills one’s requirement of clean and clear music.

Speaker Type

This product is a coaxial speaker type that is a good speaker for your car’s stereo.


The Rockford Fosgate Prime P1693 has a sensitivity of 90 dB at 1 watt for 1 meter.

Frequency response

It offers a response of 48-22,000Hz.


It has a 2 – 60 RMS Power range in watts and has a peak power handling of 120 in watts.


4 Ohms

Why Mica

The Rockford Fosgate Prime P1693 is made up of Mica Polypropylene Cone surrounded by rubber for a long lasting car speaker system.  This material makes the product strong and durable as well as it provides flexibility even if the music is played at a higher volume.  Mica also gives the product its lightweight feature.Surrounded by foam, woofers are well protected even if you are always playing loud sounds.

A beauty in your car

The black speaker is glossy, an added feature in your vehicle. It may look as an expensive speaker, but really comes at a cheap price.  Since the mounting depth is smallest in the market, this can be installed and fits in your car easily.  The product is shallow and can be positioned without any problem in your vehicle.

This full-range car speaker has stamped steel basket that assures equal delivery of music to all parts of the vehicle.

Loud sounds without distortion

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1693 produces at low and high volume without damaging the quality of the sounds.  As one changes volume, the product adapts the sound output without any distortions.  A decent addition to your car, it has a good bass and treble combination that makes listening enjoyable.

This has a built-in tweeter that delivers well-filtered music that makes it soothing to the listeners.

Check the compatibility

Like other car speaker, one should determine which part and what size of the vehicle it will be mounted.  Car speakers come in different sizes so make sure that it will fit your vehicle requirement.  Consumers who purchased the product tried adjusting Rockford Fosgate Prime P1693 in installing in their vehicles especially on doors.

A good investment

Compared to the car’s factory-installed car speaker, the Rockford Fosgate Prime P1693 is a good substitute. Considering that it is sold at a cheaper price, this car speaker performs just like its expensive competitors.  After thorough examination of other car speakers, this product produces crisp, clean sounds.  You can clearly hear even the background effects as well as the natural sound of live concerts, theater performances with special sound effects and music.  This is a product of years of innovation of the manufacturer that ensures to deliver louder, authentic real music from your car stereo.

Factory made components of cars audio system might not be fully accepted and liked by the user as it may perform poorly and have short time value. As an answer to the problem, some individuals customize their audio systems that match their preference. Choosing and putting a new car audio system into car can be a daunting task, with many available options to choose. Shoppers who educate himself about the different options available can make an intelligent decision when choosing the best car audio system.

In choosing the right speakers for a car, a user must consider the two main specifications it which is sensitivity and power-handling. Sensitivity is the specification of a speaker that measures how much sound it yields from the applied power. For an example, a low-powered car stereo which is below 15 watts per channel will match with high sensitivity ratings of over 90 dB. And a high-power system of over 16 watts would best sound with a lower sensitivity rating. On the other hand, power-handling enables the user to know how much power handling capability a speaker has. A low-powered system doesn’t need a speaker to handle much power and a system with external amps with high power will require speakers to have a power-handling capability that is close to the output of the amplifiers.

Aside from these two main specifications, there are other components of speaker to be considered such as the types of speakers to be used, which are “full-range speakers” and “component speakers”. There are also the speaker materials: “woofer material”, “tweeter material” and “surround material”. It is truly essential for an individual to make the preparations and research in order to make an intelligent decision that would lead to worthy outcome.

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