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Alphion water alkalizer

The water we drink is clearly the most important thing that we consume on a daily basis. So, it is necessary that it is clean and I can certainly say that my current Alphion  ‘Aqua-ionizer deluxe 7 plate alkaline water ionizer and alkaline water machine by air water life’ is the best alkaline water machine I have ever used. I have been using this machine since the last two weeks and I have observed that the water seems to be very clear and pure. I have read on the internet about the benefits of drinking alkaline water and this machine seems to offer the perfect pH. The machine offered a pH of 9.5 when kept on the ‘daily drinking’ setting and also shifted to an efficient 11 when kept on ‘cooking’. I also decided to test the ORP of the water as this has been recommended as one of the important features of an alkaline water purifier. I got very good results in this regard also as it showed a negative -450 when kept on ‘daily drinking’ setting and -815 ORP when kept on ‘cooking. Although I have to say that the product was advertised at -850 ORP but the results obtained are well above other standard alkaline machines available in the market. Also, very important aspect of pure water is that it should be free from additives. The water from this machine was found to be completely free from additives. The plastics used in this machine are BPA free and FDA approved which further adds to the goodness of the water. So, if you are looking for a value for money product then I will have to say that this is best machine available at this price. The customer support provided by the company is responsive and proactive. All these factors contribute to making it a must buy!

best alkaline water machine

But are you sure alkaline water is worth the hype?

Well, celebrities like Mark Wahlberg are drinking it to keep fluids flowing in their system. But what is actually alkaline water? It is different from tap water because it has a higher pH or a lesser hydrogen ion concentration. This takes me to a bit of basic chemistry which says that all fluids have a certain acidity. This can be determined on a pH scale. The pH essentially gives us the concentration of hydrogen ions in the liquid. A substance which has a pH under 7 is said to be acidic and that with a pH above 7 is said to be basic. The pH 7 is of course neutral.

Sources of Alkaline Water:  It can be obtained from various sources including filter, additives and faucet attachments which increase the pH.

But is alkaline water safe? Initially I was a bit sceptical but if recent research is to be believed then alkaline water is the ‘way to go’ for the future.

  • Acid Reflux control: Alkaline water which has a pH of 8.9 can help in problems regarding acid reflux. This is because at higher levels of alkalinity the pepsin in the stomach is deactivated. Pepsin is involved in the breaking down of food proteins and one of the primary causes of acidity. Pepsin is one of the major enzymes involved in digestion and is present in the stomach. The activation of pepsin requires an acidic pH in the stomach. Therefore, when alkalinity is produced in the stomach due to the administration of alkaline water, pepsin can be deactivated.
  • Neutralize Acid present in the stomach: Neutralizing acid in our bloodstream helps in increasing oxygen levels in the body and also improvements in energy production as well as other processes of metabolism.
  • Anti-oxidant Properties: Alkaline water can be a very potent anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants function by deactivating harmful free radicals present in the body. This can include reactive oxygen species like peroxides, super oxides, etc.
  • Cleanses the Colon: Alkaline water can improve bowel movements. This is very major benefit as there can be nothing better than a happy stomach.
  • Rejuvenates the Skin: It does a fantastic job in rejuvenating the skin. This is again due to its anti-oxidant properties. It gets rid of harmful substances which tend to decrease the natural glow of the skin. Drinking alkaline water can also help in getting rid of dead skin.
  • Lubricates Muscles and Joints: Alkaline water has also shown benefits in lubricating the muscles and joints.

Apart from the above benefits of alkaline water there are additional ones that have been recently discovered. This includes important functions like reducing body fat, increasing activity and decreasing fatigue and protection of bones. Another very important aspect of alkaline water is the fact that alkaline water supports the immune system. Regular consumption of alkaline water improves the production of immunoglobulins in the body. This in turn keeps the body away from diseases. There is a lot of additional research going on in the immune system response observed by the use of alkaline water on a regular basis.

Ultra-Hydrating Capabilities: It has not been a secret that alkaline water is Ultra-hydrating in nature and this is the primary concept used to market alkaline water. So, I think it is finally time that a radical change will be observed in the drinking patterns of the world as people in the United States have already started understanding the benefits of alkaline water and have accepted its arrival in the market.

So, it is definitely time to accept the change and get your alkaline water machine today and I would certainly recommend products from Aqua Life as they have the best alkaline water machines in the market.

But what do you look for when you buy an alkaline water machine?

Check the pH: This is the primary thing that needs to bechecked such that the pH falls in the recommended range for alkaline water machines.

Check the ORP: Again, the ORP should be checked such that the machine provides an ORP close to the one mentioned on the box.

Make Sure there are no Additives: It is an absolute must to confirm that there no additives mixed with the water while processing.

Quality of plastics: It is necessary to verify that the quality of plastics are FDA approved.

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