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American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is an online panel for paid surveys and is owned by the Decision Analyst Inc., from Dallas-Fortworth. The company started this online survey panel in the year 1996 and is now used extensively across 150 countries with more than 8 million registered users. The ACOP has also been ranked as A+ by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Let us now delve in detail on what this is all about and whether it truly lives up to your expectations.

What is a survey panel?

The survey panels are generally used by the companies to know how the market is behaving in their particular industry. They also pay these panels to share the survey to the members of their board. Whenever you want to join in these surveys, you will be asked to fill in certain information and personal details so that you are given the appropriate surveys. The data thus obtained from the surveys help the companies to improve their services or their products in line with customer expectation. The survey panels are paid by the company for the survey details and they in turn pay you. ACOP also follows the same regimen.

What are you expected to do?

As part of this panel, you are expected to handle the below activities to earn money.

  1. Online surveys: A very common method in the ACOP for making money, a typical online survey may take 5 minutes or even 40 minutes depending on the topic of your interest. The points that you score from this survey is also dependent on the duration of the survey and the quality of it.
  2. Testing products: It is often the practice of companies to test out samples of their products with volunteers before introducing it into the masses. You will be given a sample to try out for a certain period of time post which you will be asked to fill out a survey. The product testing is not quite frequent but when you do get one, you will be guaranteed of a good pay.
  3. New advertising testing: This is for the companies to check if their advertisements are effective. You would be given a few sample advertisements and asked to choose which one was more appealing and effective. Of course, you also have to mention why that particular advertisement appealed to you.
  4. Referrals: This may not pay you as much as the above points, but these are also a way to get your hands on money from the survey panels like ACOP. In this website you get $1 per referral which might be low considering other websites that pay more for the same job.

How do you get paid?

For every survey you complete or every advertisement you elect, you will be awarded few points and for every 100 points you will get $1. For you to cash out you need to at least make a minimum of 1000 points. You can either use your Paypal or Hyper Wallet for many other different options to withdraw cash from your account.

Benefits of American Consumer Opinion

With more than a decade since its first inception, the survey panel has garnered quite a lot of positive and critical reviews on its performance, payouts and various other aspects. Let us look at the positive benefits that one can gain by using ACOP.

  • There is no entry or registration fee to pay when you register with the ACOP.
  • Even though the name might mislead your thoughts that it is restricted to people in America. That is not the case though. You can apply and register with the ACOP from any part of the world.
  • There is no restriction on the age group that can participate in these surveys. However, given that the themes of the surveys are of mature nature, teenagers generally do not participate in them.
  • There is absolute respect for privacy of the registered users. You will not be hounded by the companies to buy any product and neither will your information be shared with anyone for advertisement purposes. You can be rest assured that people will not hound you on calls or mails for any kind of sale.
  • Having been there for more than a decade, the ACOP comes with a trustworthy reputation and its results are considered with high regard.
  • The questionnaires on the survey are drafted with care ensuring that the current market scenario and the industry consumer behavior are taken into account while drafting them.
  • The payment while may not be skyrocketing are definitely noteworthy.
  • If you get the invitation to try out a new product and you do so willingly, then you can easily get as high as 5000 points and a free new sample.
  • There are focus groups to take part in and the incentives for such activities are definitely motivating.
  • There is also a monthly sweepstake of $10k conducted for those who fall short of the qualifications in the survey requirement.


There is always a darker side to any business and so it is for the ACOP as well. These drawbacks are based on people reviews and may not be often true. Some might be lucky and some may not be.

  • There aren’t enough and frequent invitations for participating in a survey.
  • Survey panel not honoring the points raised in product testing.
  • Customer service is not up to the expected standards.
  • Heavy traffic resulting in the site shutting down in the middle of a survey causing the users to restart from the beginning.

There is no question on the legitimacy of the survey panel, the American Consumer Opinion. While there is definitive payment, there are also complaints of delayed payments and the pay not matching the industry standards. If you have some time to spare, then this is definitely a avenue worth pursuing. However, you should also be willing to look at other similar survey panels to maximize your gains.


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