8bitdo Nes30 pro review

Love gaming? Then you are probably quite well aware of the Nintendo gaming systems. The Nintendo games have been ruling the virtual gaming world with their easy to play and exciting games for all age groups. And to make it even more exciting you need a controller that helps you to pair up with any console and enjoy the game at leisure.

The 8bitdo, a Chinese company has been in the production of various Bluetooth controllers, retro-styled and the latest in the edition, the NES30 Pro is a professional piece of art in itself. Gaming is something you would want to carry along wherever you go and this controller is so compact and it comes with a carrying case making it easy for you to take it along on your trips.

8bitdo Nes30 pro review

The NES30 seems to be a hybrid combining the best of both SNES and NES controllers in its make. There are of course other retro controllers offered by 8bitdo which are inspired from Super Famicon, Famicon apart from NES and SNES. The NES30 Pro looks sleek as well and is quite preferred by many for their gaming sessions.

8bitdo NES30 Pro Controller with Bonus Carrying Case

The design of this Pro controller is inspired by the SNES controllers with rounded edge and ABXY layout for buttons. However, you would see the semblance of the NES controllers in the gray and black design with red buttons for control. The design is quite compact that it is easy to pack and take it along anywhere. You would see that the NES30 has smaller analog sticks like that of a playstation controller and there are smaller buttons at the bottom edge to switch on/off and to reset the controller. The LED lights on the side changes its color depending on the mode of the controller. The USB port, micro in size is on top of the controller to charge it up.


  • Designed beautifully and compact but encompassing all features that you would want in a Bluetooth controller.
  • The utility is endless in the model.
  • It is easy to carry even in the pocket of your shirt.


  • While the controller is sturdily built, the buttons are quite stiff and may not be preferred by those who like soft press buttons. Also the buttons might get stuck after continuous usage.
  • If you have larger hands then the controller is definitely not for you.
  • There are better and more comfortable products available at the same price.

When you are looking to play games on your smart phones or on your tablet, then this would work out very well for you. But when you are trying it in competition to first party ones, then this controller might just disappoint you. It is best suited when playing slower games but you need to be careful not to hold it too tight in your hands for you might accidentally press any button. It definitely enhances your gaming experience but is not suited for professional gamers or fast paced games.

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